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TikTok provides three ways to create meaningful 2023 Ramadan and Raya

TikTok is sharing three ways to helps local businesses to create meaningful 2023 Ramadan and Raya. Imran Khan, Marketing Communications Manager, TikTok Southeast Asia shares that Malaysians are excited to spend time with their loved ones, be it offline or online – and that TikTok is a platform they are turning to in order to be inspired, as well as inspire.

In a study conducted by TikTok on user behaviour during the Ramadan 2022 period, the platform saw a 3.8x uplift in video views, and 2.8x uplift in video uploads during the season. It was also revealed that 96% of users are influenced by TikTok to purchase products or services – and with users being engaged on TikTok throughout the day.

As such, TikTok is sharing three ways businesses can engage, interact and create lasting impressions to win Raya 2023.

Step 1: Plan the campaign across all stages 

Ramadan is a month-long celebration with preparation for the festivities beginning as early as a whole month before. During this period, many often turn their attention to efficiently cleaning and decorating their homes, sourcing for the most beautiful Raya packets, shopping, and exploring quality beauty or personal care that offers the best value, so they can look and feel their best at this time of the year. 

As TikTok users gear up to shop more this Ramadan, it is important for brands to cater to their needs before, as well as during the season. By having brand visibility in the online space months before and then amplifying their deals and campaigns in the lead-up to Ramadan, sellers can capture the interest of their buyers throughout the period. 

With users looking to liven up their celebrations by shopping online or offline – this festive period is a great opportunity to present them with special and limited-time deals. Upon locking in their interest, sellers can scale their catalog with Dynamic Showcase Ads and feature attractive commercial messages to offer users the best value for their money. By setting up tracking and measurement, sellers can even analyse product performance and promote those with higher engagement for more significant results. 

Step 2: Get creative with creators and hashtags

Once the campaign is set in place, sellers can take their digital efforts and presence to the next level by creating even more brand awareness, which can be further amplified through creators. A familiar face can provide for greater brand recall – and this is where TikTok’s Creator Marketplace and Marketing Solutions come into play. 

Whether the seller is capable of running their own campaign or requires guidance, businesses can get onboarding support from the Client Success team or Creator Solutions programme to find their best fit. TikTok’s ecosystem of Creator Marketing Partners can also help in providing managed services according to one’s budget and scale. 

Using creators can impact any marketing campaign with stronger completion rates, higher likes, shares, and ultimately better conversions. By using creators, well-known hashtags such as #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt – which has since garnered 38 billion views – or even creating a personalised hashtag challenge to get users involved – sellers can create authentic stories that build trust in their brand, which will be beneficial in the long run. 

Step 3: Build relevance and connect with the community 

In 2022, one in two users discovered something for Ramadan on TikTok, with 87% likely to purchase something they saw on TikTok for Ramadan. Although online shopping is all the rage now, having a face to a name and being available to interact with the community is still important, creating a sense of affinity to the brand instead of just interacting with a catalogue page. The essence of TikTok is to spread joy, and by creating bonds with its audience, sellers can invite more meaningful engagements with them to ignite meaningful celebrations. 

Sellers can conduct live selling sessions via TikTok Shop – which can be further amplified with Live shopping ads. Build interest prior to these sessions by sharing teasers with infeed ads to create hype and excitement and ensure that all the promoted products are in stock. Shoppertainment is the way forward for e-commerce, and TikTok Shop presents a one-stop shopping experience where users can be entertained and discover new brands or items daily. With TikTok Shop being within the TikTok app, sellers can bank on the platform’s large user base to reach out to their intended audience. 

Making a difference in meaningful times

Last year, vivo Malaysia was able to achieve much success for their Ramadan campaign by tapping on TikTok Shop as well as utilising the Live Shopping and Video shopping ads to increase awareness – this led them to be number one in terms of gross merchandise value (GMV) with a 228% uplift as compared to before the campaign. Their live sessions allowed them to rake in more than 660,000 page views and sell over 300 products during the campaign. 

Each business has its own needs, and TikTok intends to be a part of that growth journey this festive season and beyond. By tapping on to TikTok’s aim of spreading joyful moments, sellers can create meaningful engagements to inspire users, as well as win the hearts – and carts – of users this Ramadan and Hari Raya. 

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