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KW automotive announces new KW V5 coilover kit for Porsche Carrera GT

KW automotive has announced a new KW V5 coilover kit for the Porsche Carrera GT. The new kit uses solid piston technology and is available with an optional hydraulic lift system. The lift system elevates the Porsche on both axles by 45 millimeters with the push of a button.

KW also releases a YouTube video featuring former Formula 1 racecar driver Nick Heidfeld presenting his Porsche Carrera GT with a customized KW V5 coilover suspension and hydraulic lift system.

While racecars are progressively exposed to higher aero lasts and shorter damper travels, cars for daily street driving use increase in weight. Due to these differences, KW automotive focuses KW Solid Piston Technology more often. “The entire KW V5 coilover design is made for more sensitive damping and fast feedback due to short spring travels,” Florian Johann explains, “In the past years, many things have changed in suspension technology. In detail, you can compare this to the change from analog cell phones to the latest smartphone.”

The KW V5 coilover kit in the Carrera GT dampens small speed bumps with help of the compression. This leads to a more relaxed driving experience in the sportscar. Even when crossing transversal joints, manhole covers or small bumps, the coilover kit dampens those irregularities super smooth. Those that like it even more comfortable or sportier can adjust the coilover kit to their desires and needs.

The adjustment takes place at the adjustment wheel directly at the damper. No matter which setup or which road the Porsche Carrera with KW V5 inside drives, the coilover kit becomes more dynamic. The entire steering becomes more precise, the handling is more direct and the behavior feels safer. The KW V5 coilover kit is available for the Porsche Carrera GT with and without a hydraulic lift system. The product images shown with red and blue springs are an individual special version for Nick Heidfeld. More information at www.kwsuspensions.net.

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