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PICO in Full Compliance with OpenXR Standard

PICO has confirmed that it is now fully compliant with the OpenXR standard, allowing developers to run their OpenXR apps on PICO headsets with minimal modification. PICO’s latest SDK release includes several feature updates that fully comply with the OpenXR standard and is compatible with all PICO headsets including PICO Neo 3 Pro/Pro Eye, PICO Neo3 link, PICO 4 and PICO 4 Enterprise. 

The OpenXR Standard is developed by Khronos Group, a a royalty-free open standard designed to simplify VR development by enabling developers to access more platforms while reusing the same code. This means developers can benefit from OpenXR standard to achieve best portability on PICO headsets.

“We are extremely pleased to be fully compliant with the OpenXR standard as it will give PICO consumer and enterprise users access to a wider array of apps to improve their overall experience with our suite of consumer and enterprise headsets,” said Henry Zhou, President of PICO. “This is an important step for PICO as we continue to enhance our headsets and the apps our PICO users are able to access through them.”

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