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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip latest update allows Shoot from Above and Below

Ever since the Galaxy Z Flip is available for the market, Samsung has been constantly amazed by the imaginative ways many members in the Galaxy community have used the device to create content. The user passion and creativity have helped the Korean electronic company to see their technology from a different light and gave us new ideas on how to push the device even further.

The recent software update for Galaxy Z Flip is available now will make it easier for user to shoot from higher and lower angles. With just a double tap, you can switch the camera’s preview window from the top to the bottom half of the device when it is in Flex mode, making it simpler for you to capture everything from dramatic low-angle action videos to vibrant top-down food photos.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Malaysia pre-order was sold out within a day. If you still want to get your hands on a Galaxy Z Flip, it will be officially available in Malaysian market in a couple of days! Be sure to stay tuned for more updates at https://www.samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-z-flip/.

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