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Customised your Starbucks drink even at home, Malaysia

As Malaysians are aware that Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) is still enforced, some of us may want to enjoy a sip of good coffee or perhaps a customised drink. Luckily, we got technology and digitalization to thank for as it allows us to enjoy the experience the same feel through online. Therefore, Starbucks Malaysia is continuing to innovate and deliver the best coffee to Malaysian coffee lovers.

Starbucks Malaysia is currently offering customers to personalized choice of Starbucks beverages right at home for coffee lovers. All this is possible by selecting options for customization via the GrabFood or Foodpanda mobile application.

All it took is a tap into any available Starbucks store via the GrabFood or Foodpanda mobile application shows a plethora of choices of coffee beverage options for its patrons, from classic brewed coffee and espresso-based beverages, to refreshing cold brews and decadent blended Frappuccino. Malaysian coffee lover can be spoiled for choice with the options below:

Decaf Option – Choice of caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee, even in your Frappuccino beverage! 

Add-on Shots – Option to add-on an additional shot of espresso to strengthen the kick of your beverage. 

Choice of Milk – The choice of milk to be used to vary the taste, texture and flavor of the drink as well as catering to the preference of the customer’s food diets or intolerances. Milk options available are low fat, full cream, almond, coconut and soy milk. 

Add-on Syrup – Elevate your beverage tasting experience with the various syrup options available, be it the aromatic flavor of Caramel, the nutty notes of Hazelnut or even the fragrant Vanilla syrup – talk about excitement in a cup! 

Add-on Drizzle – Choice of syrup drizzle to choose from consists of the caramel drizzle or the chocolate drizzle.

Toppings – Add-on anywhere from one to five scoops of chocolate chips. Selected beverages also come with the option to add on a choice of coffee jelly or peach jelly!

Additional options are available for each individual’s preference that can be input under the ‘Special Instructions’ box on either applications. 

Level of Ice – Customization on the level of ice for iced beverages (light ice, regular ice or extra ice).

Temperature for Steamed Beverages – Preference of your hot beverages can be adjusted from hot, extra hot to kid-friendly temperature. 

With this service, the customer will take charge of their perfect blend. It can be as simple as ‘a Venti Java Chip Frappuccino, decaf with almond milk’ to something as complex as ‘a Grande Frappuccino with two extra shots of espresso, low fat milk, one scoop of chocolate chips, and caramel drizzle!’ – if you can dream it up, Starbucks partners will do their best to honor each request. 

So start using the customisation service on Starbucks store via the GrabFood or Foodpanda mobile application and share at your social media today. With variety of options to choose, it will provide a whole new drinking experience. If you want to know more about Starbucks Malaysia latest offering, head over to www.starbucks.com.my or www.instagram.com/mystarbucks.

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