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BMW Malaysia is subsidising child safety seats, so get it now

BMW Malaysia, Safe ‘n Sound and Childline Foundation today announced the second phase of the child safety seat subsidy programme for parents in the B40 income group. The programme will be supported by Shopee as its exclusive E-Commerce Partner alongside baby and children goods brands – KU.KU Duckbill and Otomo, educational toys and games distributor – Mideer, food storage sealing solutions provider – Ankou, and car performance parts and accessories provider – Kakimotor. 

The subsidy programme will focus on equipping the remaining registrants from the first phase with a range of child safety seats for newborns to children of up to 36 kg. This includes the snskidz Ace infant carrier car seat (for newborn to 13kg), the snskidz Sport car seat (for newborn to 18kg) and the snskidz Proto (for 2 year-olds to 36kg).  All snskidz child safety seats carry the ECE R44-04 certification. 

Each of the snskidz child safety seats will be made available with the RM50 in subsidy amount, on top of a discounted price from Safe ‘n Sound that is exclusive for recipients of the subsidy programme. The snskidz Ace will be available at a subsidised price of RM99 (RRP: RM199) while the snskidz Sport and snskidz Proto will be priced at RM169 (RRP: RM269) and RM249 (RM349) respectively. 

Recipients of the subsidy programme will receive a unique Shopee voucher worth RM113 which can be applied upon checkout at this dedicated microsite: https://shopee.com.my/m/bmw-child-safety-seat-subsidy-programme

In hopes of accelerating the delivery of child safety seats amongst the first 25,000 registrants, BMW Malaysia, Safe ‘n Sound and Childline Foundation are also initiating a public fundraiser on the aforementioned microsite. There is no minimum amount of contributions required from individuals. All funds raised will be channeled to Childline Foundation to subsidise as many child safety seats as possible for the remaining registrants.

Interested parties may get in touch with bmw@voxeureka.com before making the monetary contribution for individual and companies.

About the Subsidy Programme

  1. How were the recipients selected for the subsidy programme?

In the first phase, recipients were selected based on their qualification for the B40 income group. This is mainly determined with a monthly household income of below RM3,000. 

The second phase serves to work with the remaining list of registrants from the first phase, to equip as many of the eligible registrants as possible with child safety seats.

  1. When was this subsidy programme introduced?

The subsidy programme was first introduced in December 2019 by BMW Malaysia as part of the BMW Safety 360゚initiative with its official partners Safe ‘n Sound and Childline Foundation.

  1. Who are the organizers of the subsidy programme?

This subsidy programme is organized by BMW Malaysia and its official partners Safe ‘n Sound, Shopee and Childline Foundation.

  1. Who are the supporting partners of the subsidy programme?

The supporting partners who have made contributions to the subsidy programme are KU.KU Duckbill, Otomo, Mideer, Ankou and Kakimotor.

  1. How much are the respective child safety seats?

The final price to pay for the snskidz Ace, snskidz Sport and snskidz Proto is RM99, RM169 and RM299 respectively. On top of the subsidized amount of RM50 per child safety seat, Safe ‘N Sound has also offered an additional RM50 off exclusive for recipients. This totals to RM100 off the original prices of each child safety seat.

  1. Can I still register for the child car seat subsidy programme?

Registrations for the subsidy programme closed in December 2019 and we are currently focused on equipping as many of the eligible registrants with a child safety seat. Nevertheless, this programme is a longstanding commitment that BMW Malaysia will continue to spearhead. We hope more individuals, partners and companies will reach out to us to make more contributions to the programme. Only then will we be able to open registrations for a new batch of families in the B40 income group.

About the Programme Microsite

  1. What is the microsite link?
  1. What is the microsite for?

The subsidy programme microsite hosted by Shopee serves to provide recipients with a smoother and more seamless experience when purchasing their child safety seats. Through this partnership, recipients are also able to receive free shipping and monitor the delivery of their orders closely via Shopee. The public can also make donations here.

  1. If I am a non-recipient of the subsidy programme, can I still purchase the child safety seats from the microsite?

Yes, you can purchase the child safety seats at its original price.

  1. Can I make public donations via this microsite?

Yes, all public donations should be made on this microsite. All contributions will then be made out to Childline Foundation to help subsidize more child safety seats.

About Checkout Process (For Recipients Only)

  1. How do I know that I have been selected as a recipient of the child safety seat subsidy?

All recipients of the child safety seat subsidy will be notified via their emails which were submitted during registration.

  1. Why is the shipping fee for each child safety seat different? 

The shipping fee is calculated based on the volumetric weight (dimensional weight) of the product and therefore differs according to sizes and weights.

About Partnership

  1. I am interested to support the subsidy programme and would like to make donations. Where can I make my contributions?
    Interested parties may get in touch with bmw@voxeureka.com before making the monetary contribution.
  2. I am interested to support the subsidy programme as a supporting partner. Who can I get in touch with?

Interested parties can be part of the subsidy programme by writing to bmw@voxeureka.com with the name of the participating company and the form of support they would like to commit.

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