FWD 4 A Cause to give back selected social enterprises and NGOs

FWD Takaful has launched FWD 4 A Cause, a digital social initiative to donate 10% from total contribution, which will be taken from the wakalah* fees to selected social enterprises or non-profit organisations (NGOs) with every participation of its online Takaful plan.

Salim Majid Zain, FWD Takaful’s Chief Executive Officer said, “We’re happy to be collaborating with Malaysia Medical Relief Society (“MERCY Malaysia”), Mental Illness Awareness and Support Association (“MIASA”) and Arus Education Sdn Bhd (“Arus Academy”) for this initiative and allow Malaysians to support a cause close to their hearts. Malaysians can now sign up for an online takaful protection plan and choose amongst these three organisations they’d like us to donate to.”

Many fundraising efforts by social enterprises and NGOs have been challenging this year amidst the current restricted living conditions and economic landscape, which has affected their volunteer numbers and funds.

“Nevertheless, we can still extend a helping hand and support the less fortunate from the confines of our homes. We developed FWD 4 A Cause based on our vision to change the way people feel about takaful. It’s a simple way of giving back to the community through a digital social initiative,” Salim added.

Customers can support a cause when they participate in any FWD Takaful online plan by keying in the dedicated promo code for the respective organisation during the sign-up. Currently, FWD Takaful has three (3) family-themed plans available online – FWD Protect Direct, FWD Care Direct and FWD MedSecure Direct. The plans are affordable and its easy-to-use online channel is simple, reliable and direct, which enables customers to manage their Takaful certificates at their own convenience.

Get a free quote for any FWD Takaful online plan at fwd.com.my/en/4-a-cause. Alternatively, call 1300 13 7988 or email contact.my@fwd.com for more information.

*Wakalah is the contract where the participant appoints the Takaful Operator to manage the participants’ risk fund and agrees to pay the Takaful Operator on a pre-agreed basis for the services provided.

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