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Watch Anugerah MeleTOP ERA 2020 live on Astro 4K UHD

As TV shows keep churning out on high definition quality (to some countries where 8K is a norm), Malaysia TV show production still has a lot to catch up. However, Astro is stepping up on it and is promising on delivering more 4K UHD content.

Recently, Astro just announced that it has reached a new milestone with Malaysia’s first local live production and hugely popular awards show, Anugerah MeleTOP ERA 2020 (AME 2020) produced in 4K UHD. AME2020 is expected to broadcast the live final show on 12 April. The show is expected to attract 4 million fans who will be treated to seeing their favourite Malaysian celebrities in brilliant 4K UHD.

Not only local live shows, more live international shows follows the 4K UHD format

Agnes Rozario, Director of Content at Astro said, “We launched multiple 4K UHD channels focussing on Hollywood blockbusters and live sporting events and our audience response has been very positive. Showcasing the first of our local signatures in 4K UHD is the next part of our journey and we are pleased to be the first to do so in Malaysia. We selected AME2020 to be the first ever live local production in 4K UHD as it is Astro’s signature award show which celebrates the fans’ favourite Malaysian talent and entertainment of the year.  The live show involves hundreds of Malaysian celebrities and influencers, thousands of fans on-ground and millions more watching on TV and online. We hope AME2020 will be a fitting celebration of Malaysia’s top talent, movies, music, and TV shows – seen for the first time ever in 4K UHD clarity. We invite sponsors and clients to join us in making Malaysian broadcasting history.

Our 4K offering will continue to grow – in addition to local hit shows we will also add Formula 1, more Premier League matches, all 51 UEFA Euro 2020 matches and Hollywood blockbusters. Next on our list is to offer our 4K UHD shows via video on demand.” 

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