2020 Car of the Year goes to the new PEUGEOT 208

The New PEUGEOT 208 was recently awarded for the 2020 Car of the Year (2020 COTY) by a panel of judges made up of 60 European automotive journalists. The panel acclaimed its engine range: electric, petrol or diesel powertrains provide customers with “the power of choice”. Not only that, the new PEUGEOT 208 marks the sixth PEUGEOT model to be named “Car of the Year”.

Brief intro of PEUGEOT 208

PEUGEOT 208 GT Line yellow

The new PEUGEOT 208 is B segment car and currently it is available with either an Electric engine or an Internal Combustion engine. Its exterior design embodies the DNA of the Brand with the 3-claw LED front headlights. The carved wheel arches and rear wings are a nod to the «Sacred number». The PEUGEOT i-Cockpit ® (head-up display, compact steering wheel and touchscreen) innovates with a 3D digital cluster, which is not only aesthetic but also improves safety.

According to PEUGEOT, nearly 110,000 customers have ordered the new model since its launch in Europe in October. 15% of the mix are electric versions. In France, the PEUGEOT 208 leads the registration rankings of the PC market at the end of February 2020.


“I am particularly proud that the New PEUGEOT 208 has just won the 2020 Car of the Year prize. This trophy underlines the excellence of the work and great commitment of all the teams of the Brand and the Groupe PSA. It’s the first time that a PEUGEOT “2 series” has triumphed! By the way, three PEUGEOT “Cars of the Year” are currently on road with the 3008 and the 308 alongside the new 208. The COTY 2020 legitimates the Brand’s “power of choice” strategy. From now on, our customers will be able to choose between the electric PEUGEOT e-208 “Car of the Year” and the (ICE) PEUGEOT 208 “Car of the Year”! said Jean-Philippe IMPARATO, PEUGEOT Brand CEO.

PEUGEOT enters the “top 3” of the brands with the most awards in the Car of the Year history, with six trophies. The New PEUGEOT 208, named Car of the Year 2020, follows the SUV 3008 in 2017, the compact hatch 308 in 2014, the 307 in 2002, the 405 in 1988 and the 504 in 1969. This prestigious trophy joins the twelve other international awards the New PEUGEOT 208 has already won.

If you need more information regarding PEUGEOT Malaysia, please visit www.peugeot.com.my.

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