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yoboo: Increasing investment in research and development

MANILA, Philippines, Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, yoboo, a maternal and child brand focused on medical feeding, has successfully completed the accounting for its R&D investment in 2021. yoboo said that the company will continue to increase its investment in product development, promote the spirit of craftsmanship and improve product quality. The company also confirmed that its R&D investment in 2022 is expected to increase by more than 20% year-on-year, reaffirming yoboo’s determination to bring quality products to babies and families around the world.

Products, R&D are core competencies

In the face of the more mature Southeast Asian high-end mother and baby market, strong product development capabilities is the cornerstone of the development of yoboo. In the future, yoboo will devote 70% of its R&D expenses to product development. For yoboo, which is making its debut in Southeast Asia, this decision is an unprecedented challenge for the level of team members, for technical development, for product planning, and for sales capabilities.

yoboo is fully investing in the Southeast Asian market in 2021 with a focus on mothers aged 25-29, providing strong support and protection for working mothers in Southeast Asia. yoboo is committed to promoting advanced medical breastfeeding methods, and the warmth of careful design can be felt in every product. The Anti-Colic Baby Bottle, for example, is equipped with an eccentric pacifier to give better protection to the baby’s cervical spine.

Technology empowers product design

Eccentric pacifier: better protection for children with R&D design

Relevant experiments and studies have shown that the eccentric pacifier restores the angle of breast milk to a certain extent, and there is no need to look up when drinking, which can effectively protect the baby’s cervical spine; it will not hit the baby’s nose when drinking, and the baby is more likely to accept the pacifier. After researching, testing and proving, the R&D team fully investigated the advantages and disadvantages of conical pacifiers, flat pacifiers, eccentric pacifiers and other types of pacifiers, and chose the eccentric pacifier that more closely imitates the mother’s breastfeeding posture. For babies who like to be fed lying down or held, the mother can easily allow the infant to drink the milk by lifting the bottle slightly.

The soft fit of the silicone teat to the upper jaw at approximately 45 degrees effectively prevents air from entering through the corners of the baby’s mouth. The teat outlet hole is designed with a cross, making the teat closed when not in use for a while, blocking the invasion of bacteria. This design can be opened and closed according to the power of the baby’s sucking, and play a role in regulating the amount of food eaten.

yoboo guards the growth of babies with Japanese ingenuity, taking into account every detail of the baby’s growth and health, and also improving the quality of life of parenting for mothers. In the future, yoboo will bring more meticulous design products to more families.

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