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3 short documentaries by CICC to be premiered in Malaysia on LongTV

China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC) has announce the launched of three Public Service Announcements (PSA) content in Malaysia and will be aired on LongTV. The 3 PSA content are short documentaries called “Mutual Appreciation, Mutual Prosperity”, “Window” and “Eyes”.

The company stated the PSA contents is aimed to create awareness and encourage people to learn more about China’s unique traditional culture, mutual learning as well as the development of Chinese society. Furthermore, by airing it through LongTV, a Malaysia internet on-demand video platform, it is also expected to reach a broader Malaysian audience as such platform plays an important role to improve the availability and access to information. 

The documentary called “Mutual Appreciation, Mutual Prosperity” unfolds the story of European exchange students who study at Peking University. It displayed the experience of European exchange students as they learned about the art of Chinese Opera and its unique beauty. The short film aimed to demonstrate the mutual learning and heritage exchange between the cultures from different countries and backgrounds. It was produced alongside the efforts of Tan Zheng Yan, the famous actor known to play roles of old men in the Chinese Opera industry, who is also the Tan Family’s seventh descendant. 

Meanwhile “Window”, a documentary that uses an actual train window as the main background, transports us across five different realities. It portrays various people’s journey as they yearn and pursue a better future in a society led by the CPC. It shows their realities and dreams as they travel by train to a faraway land while they fight for a better life for themselves.

Taking inspiration from real events, “Eyes” dived into a narration of a touching story about a corneal transplant surgery which involved citizens from China and Sri Lanka. It exposes the raw emotions between these two extremely different nations as they cared for each other as neighbors and human beings. “Eyes” was presented by the CICC and the Hainan Media Group Advertising company. It was further undertaken by Hainan TV.

The production of these three PSA’s is a strong testament of the collaboration culture and tourism between China and Malaysia that portrays the friendly exchanges and profound friendship between the people of both countries. It is hoped that the effort continues and able to contribute and complement the culture, especially through the promotion of creative industry.

Credited to China Intercontinental Communication Center

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