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Weststar Maxus launches first Negative Pressure ambulance in Malaysia

Weststar Maxus Sdn Bhd has launched the first Negative Pressure ambulance in Malaysia to combat against COVID-19 and infectious diseases. Negative pressure within the ambulance and Isolation Chamber traps and cleans the air via a HEPA filter, with the air only discharged after being filtered to prevent the spread of pathogens and other infective agents.

The ambulance is a custom-built based on a MAXUS V80 long-wheelbase transporter which is tested and already proven in the fight against COVID-19 in China. Imported by Weststar Maxus, the ambulance is equipped with the relevant medical equipment and apparatus in accordance with specifications underlined by the Ministry of Health.

So how does the Negative Pressure ambulance works?

The Negative Pressure ambulance offers a two-stage protection for front liners and first responders. In a Negative Pressure ambulance, the air pressure inside the ambulance is kept beneath the barometric pressure of the outside environment. The cabin of the ambulance essentially becomes an air-tight sealed compartment and only outside air can flow into the cabin.

The air inside the cabin will only be discharged outside the ambulance after passing through a bio-safety negative pressure exhaust purification device, while a built-in ultraviolet light will carry out an automatic disinfection of the cabin after each usage.

Patients meanwhile, are transported in an Isolation Chamber, also known as isolation pods, placed on top of a normal medical stretcher, that is equipped with its own negative pressure filtration system to isolate and prevent cross infection when they are being transferred to the ambulance. This further reduces the risk faced by medical staff.

The Isolation Chamber is made from a special TPU film and strengthened by inserting ABS poles along each side of the structure. It has an “all around” zipper system and integrated glove portals on both sides allowing medical personnel to easily access the patient to administer infusions or other medical equipment/treatment.

This two-stage protection minimizes the possibility of any cross infection and spread of pathogens in the process of transferring, transporting, and treating of patients with infection diseases or COVID-19. Both the ambulance cabin and Isolation Chamber are also fitted with a safety alarm that triggers to alert medical personnel of any air leakages and to take the appropriate action necessary.

With that say, the Negative Pressure ambulance by Weststar Maxus Sdn Bhd in Malaysia will definitely played a keyrole to protect frontliners while combating the pandemic effectively.

For those interested to get the MAXUS V80 transporters, it comes with minimum of three-year or 100,000km warranty and a minimum four-year or 100,000km free service package inclusive of parts, lubricants and labour. For more information, visit the nearest authorized MAXUS dealer or visit the official website at www.weststarmaxus.com.

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