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Watch the latest teaser trailer of “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson

As some of us know that The Batman movie is getting a reboot, there has been less information on the upcoming movie. But as of now, Warner Bros Ent. and DC has dropped the official teaser trailer for “The Batman” for their DC FanDome. This time Robert Pattinson will be taking the lead role as the caped crusader in this latest reboot movie.

The teaser trailer does shows the movie now embraced a little bit darker theme which is quite nice. The setting for Gotham looks great as well for first impressions. There might be a hint of Catwoman appearing in the movie as trailer also saw Batman was fighting off a female burglar. The best of all in the trailer would be the inclusion of the new Batmobile. It looks like a hot rod style vehicle which helps to set the movie to be different from the other Dark Knight movie.

The movie is still in production but it is expected to go on cinema by 2021 as hinted in the trailer (although it doesn’t truly show ‘2021’ as the studio might not want to push the exact date due to ongoing situation). Let’s hope more details on the Dark Knight will be coming soon in the near future.

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