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A new return to e-commerce platform for Aladdin Group in Malaysia

Homegrown Malaysian tech company, Aladdin Group has announced their return to the market as an e-commerce player. Their new e-commerce site will be focusing on the Halal and Muslim-Friendly landscape after a corporate restructure.

The Halal and Muslim-Friendly markets represent one of the largest growing consumer segments in the world, with a global consumption value of an estimated 3 trillion USD annually. The company’s approach to the industry leverages on local Malaysian talents paired with one of the most established digital teams in China as a strategic partner, specializing in e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and the recent trend of social commerce.

Aladdin Group’s restructure brings onboard its new Director of Halal Affairs, Prof. Dr. Irwandi Jaswir, recipient of the prestigious King Faisal Prize in 2018 for his outstanding services to Islam and Muslims worldwide. The corporate exercise is backed with the appointment of an experienced board and advisors, comprising of industry leaders within the global Islamic economy.

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