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w-inds.’s latest song ‘Strip’ has officially released with MV and will be featured in upcoming album, ‘20XX “We are”’ in November

Japanese dance and vocal group, w-inds.’s has released their brand new song ‘Strip’ and its available digitally right now. The song will also be on the group’s upcoming album called, ‘20XX “We are”’, which will be released on Wednesday the 24th of November.

‘Strip’ is the second song of the newly reborn w-inds., which now consists of Ryohei Chiba and Keita Tachibana. This song is the latest creation since the release of their first song ‘Beautiful Now’ which was released last December.

This song is produced by Keita Tachibana. In this song you can see their sincere attitude towards the music and the way they still keep evolving even after 20 years of their exciting career. They have always been inquisitive in creating their own music and they put their determination into this song to show that they will be fighting just as they are.If you read their lyrics it is obvious that they have been developing their skills.

On the Official YouTube channel of w-inds. the music video of the song ‘ Strip’ has been released. The two members from w-inds. and 6 other back-up dancers are showing their very sophisticated and solid dance. The choreography was done by Sota(GANMI).

You can see this especially in the scene where the dancers are sitting on the chairs and dancing like they are trying to take off the past which has bound them, which is a must see.

‘20XX “We are”’, will be their 14th album and it will be released 3 years since they released their last album ‘100’ as an original album. And this is the first original album as the newly reborn w-inds. which restarted as two members. The album will consists of 10 songs including ‘Beautiful Now’ and ‘Strip’ and all songs are produced by Keita Tachibana continuously from the previous album.

The tracks of the new album will be released soon. As it is to celebrate their 20th anniversary of w-inds. this album has been raising fans’ expectations. Ponycanyon Shop will accept orders from overseas. Please head over to https://shop.ponycan.com/products/list?category_id=&name=w-inds.

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