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Dolla released highly anticipated ‘BERANI’ single along with MV

Dolla today has launched their brand new single titled ‘BERANI’ in a virtual launch event. In conjunction with released of the single, the girl group also released a music video as well.

Sabronzo, 26, who spoke on behalf of her band mates said the song which was fully composed and written by John Jeeves as well as Firdaus Rahmat is rather different from their previous efforts.

“Just by listening to the teaser we posted on Instagram, our fans should be able to notice the difference in the instrumental melody. In fact, the vibe and genre of the tune is totally distinct from our previous hits. This time we went a little slow.

“Perhaps some of Dolla’s fans may be wondering why we chose a different music arrangement for this single. Well, we just want to show a different side of Dolla which most aren’t aware of. Most importantly we want to show that we are versatile performers who thrive as a M-Pop group,” she said.

When asked more about the ‘BERANI’ single, Dolla which recently appeared on their biographical telefilm explained that ‘BERANI‘ is all about women empowerment through a support system.

BERANI is dedicated to women who wish to better their lives and are not afraid to stand up for themselves and fight against oppression and fear. Today, a woman should be able to live without fear dan replace it with courage, by showing the world that she is brave and independent.

“Clearly the message speaks of strong will and bravery in every woman as there are still ladies who are afraid of change because they feel undermined or helpless. That is why they need a strong support system from their surroundings,” she added.

For Sabronzo, the highlighted theme in the track is specially dedicated to their loyal fans who stood by them from the very beginning of Dolla.

“So, what makes the song special is that Dolla made this a dedication track for all our fans who call themselves iDolla, who have continuously supported us from the start.

“That is enough motivation and inspiration for us to keep going and giving our best in music.

“So, we hope all iDolla and listeners of local music can appreciate and enjoy this single. Most importantly is that we hope fans can embrace this different side of Dolla,” she added.

In other developments, Sabronzo admits that Dolla is excited to get back in the game as most artistic events are slowly receiving the green light to continue. 

“We already have plans for live performances hence we are extremely excited to start again and perform for our fans. At the same time, BERANI will give us a chance to focus on our vocal capabilities. 

“For now, we are focusing on BERANI while we plan on coming up with new projects,” said Sabronzo further.

When asked about the music video for BERANI which was directed by Thaqif Saadon, Sabronzo said there are a few factors which set the video apart from others.

“Firstly, is the usage of animated media in depicting Dolla’s presence in a different world. With all the time put in, we hope we will be able to take this MV to another progressive level that we can be proud of.

“From another aspect, we also applied some new techniques in allowing us to unlock the key in realizing our imagination to visual form. This was done through the usage of 2D projection onto 3D objects which enabled us to create aspects of animation which wasn’t possible before.

“In terms of story-telling we adapted a fantasy background and leave it solely to our audience’s interpretation,” she added.

Sabronzo also revealed that BERANI’s MV took two months to be completed with a month purely dedicated to production.

“The planning for the MV was according to procedures which we internally decided. It can be split into three phases namely pre, pro and post-production. Pre-production included the creation of the Storyboard, Character Design, Background Design and other related aspects. In essence it was to ensure each scene was carefully crafted. 

“The production stage included animation, background design, 3D asset preparation and so forth. It was completed with quality control by those in charge of the project before it was brought forward to the next stage.

“The final stage is where all assets are gathered for final visual works. Those involved in this stage are also responsible in beautifying and adding the colours as well as taking the MV to a finer stage before handing them over to the client,” she added.

“In total eight people were involved in the making of the MV. This includes the collaboration with Atypical Visual alongside Studio Firepulse; Atypical Visual comprises: Thaqif Saadon, director; Zulfadhli producer and Studio Firepulse (3D and BG department) Hakeem Roshdi, Amirul Najihan, (2D department) Imran Mansur, Nabila Nazmi, Syazwina Ali, and Sabrina Sofiadin.

“Dolla hopes that the animation industry and the MV can further expand and develop. This can only be achieved if we gain support from everyone. We hope viewers will give us a chance to prove that Malaysia has the resources and talents to create world class music videos,” she exclaimed.

BERANI will be available on all digital platforms starting this 24th of September and click here to listen to it.

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