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This new PlayStation 5 ad featuring Rick and Morty is so directly perfect

As the next gen console war is still on going, Sony is still continuing the momentum by collaborating with adult swim’s Rick and Morty in their latest PlayStation 5 (PS5) ad. This new video ad is so direct yet hilarious too so let’s find out what is all about it:

In the video ad, Rick is instructing Morty to do the introduction on PS5 because they are getting paid a lot. All this while Rick is counting the money. The ad also highlighted the speed and controller while reminding Morty not to stand in front of the PS5. Morty later complained to Rick that the PS5 is cool but their their introduction seems too boring. Rick just ended the ad after counting the bills by telling everyone to just get a PS5.

The video is just so directly perfect yet the humour was on point. Did you enjoy the video ad? Now the question is, did you managed to get a PS5 for now?

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