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This 5 Malaysian YouTubers just recently got 1 mil subs

It is not an easy task to get 1-million-subscribers and beyond on YouTube. It requires passion to create contents and this 5 Malaysian YouTubers has just recently managed to break the milestone.

So let’s find out this latest 5 Malaysian YouTube creators who have entertained, humored, and achieved their 1 million subscribers with their unique content.

  1. Baby Shima

Nor Ashima binti Ramli, better known as Baby Shima, is a singer whose career skyrocketed after she was crowned the winner of Bintang Idola Berita Harian 2010. Her voice has also captivated audiences beyond the shore of Malaysia, gaining a fan base in neighbouring countries such as Indonesia. Like many other celebrities, Baby Shima dove into YouTube, starting with videos relating to her music and later branching out into other categories such as entertainment, politics and others.

Her first video, which was a lyric video of her song ‘Nombor Dua,’ was uploaded 4 years ago. Since then, her channel has gained a total of 1.24 million subscribers and a total of over 200 million views.

Here are Baby Shima’s most viewed videos:

  1. Mat Salleh TV

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Mat Salleh TV has always been an avid YouTube viewer with a penchant for reaction videos and rap music videos from the UK. With a channel name inspired by Malaysia’s nickname of Westerners along with some spare time after work, he started his YouTube channel featuring videos depicting his own reactions towards rap music from various countries. His love for the world’s cultures soon led him to expand his content covering topics such as trending social media challenges and also cultural similarities between different countries.

His first video captured his reaction towards German rap piece ‘Wer Macht Para’ by Dardan, which was uploaded 3 years ago. The channel has since gained a total of 1.23 million subscribers and a total of over 150 million views.

Here are Mat Salleh TV’s most viewed videos:

  1. Zukieee

Former Zoo Negara staff Zulkifli Muhammad, also known as Zukieee, started his journey on YouTube recording funny videos armed with nothing more but the camera on his phone. Coming from a family with seven siblings, he had a goal to improve his family’s quality of life through earnings made from social media content. Zukieee’s YouTube channel is a hub for skits about life that are sure to resonate with everyday Malaysians. He has since started his own advertising company that focuses on product advertisements on social media.

His first video featured a simple yet humorous skit of him challenged by his friends to say “I love you” to his younger brother, and this was uploaded 3 years ago. The channel has since gained a total of 1.15 million subscribers with almost 200 million views.

Here are Zukieee’s most viewed videos:

  1. Jeff & Inthira

Jeff & Inthira’s YouTube channel features vlogs that capture nearly every facet of their everyday life, from how they built their business, to their marriage, to moving into their dream home. The content creator couple also feature positive twists on social experiments and challenges on the channel in hopes that viewers will be encouraged to always be kind and helpful to one another. Apart from being full-time creators, the pair have their own business producing feminine hygiene products and detox drinks.

With their background in food reviews, their first video featured a review challenge in which the pair and a couple of friends tried out a ‘spicy’ dish, uploaded 2 years ago. The channel has since gained a total of 1.13 million subscribers with a total of over 220 million views.

Here are Jeff & Inthira’s most viewed videos:

  1. VS Gag

Visual creator VS GAG focus their content on 3D animated gags involving characters from popular movie franchises such as Marvel, Transformers and even Kamen Rider. The videos are often filled with action-packed scenes while also delivering comedic moments, all wrapped in a highly-polished package that has captured the interest of their ever-growing subscriber base.

Their first video featured a parody of a character showdown between Kamen Rider and Power Rangers, which was uploaded 5 years ago. The channel has since gained a total of 1.02 million subscribers with a total of over 450 million views.

Here are VS Gag’s most viewed videos:

Hopefully this detailed list will inspired more upcoming local content creators to create more unique content on YouTube platform. Even if you’re not a content creator, it will definitely entertained you as well.

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