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SRW Laboratories officially debut in Malaysia to offers a range of cellular health supplements

SRW Laboratories founder Greg Macpherson in Malaysia to talk with Malaysian media

New Zealand-based SRW (Science Research Wellness) Laboratories has finally made its presence on Malaysian shores with aims to help Malaysians to age differently by focusing on healthspan.  

SRW Laboratories is pioneering research in the future of aging, with a commitment to understanding and addressing the root causes of aging at a cellular level. SRW combines cutting-edge science and research, backed by world leading scientists to develop a range of premium nutraceuticals that empower individuals to lead healthier lives. 

The search for the elixir of longevity has fascinated humans for generations, and over the millennia, many different ways of slowing the aging process have been explored. They range from anti-aging skincare and cosmetics, to surgery, all with the hope of reversing the symptoms of aging. With the strong demand of anti-aging products, the global anti-aging market revenue is projected to increase to USD 88.1 billion by 2028, a great leap when compared to its revenue being valued at USD 59.1 billion in 2021.  

In an intimate sharing session, SRW Laboratories founder Greg Macpherson, a renowned biotechnologist and cellular health expert, shared his lifelong dedication in helping people live longer and healthier. He emphasised that despite advancements in science and increasing life expectancy with each generation, healthspan is not increasing proportionately. 

“Aging is inevitable and how we age is largely within our control. While many of us incorporate regular exercise, healthier eating and a good skincare routine to help slow down aging, you still need a boost in addressing cellular aging. As we age, our cells which form the essential building blocks of our body, its structure, function and process will change. With this, we anticipate that global demand, including in Malaysia, cellular health products will see a rise in the coming years, with new research and ingredients acting as a driving force,” said Macpherson.  

Macpherson, together with his team at SRW Laboratories and global anti-aging experts, have designed the world’s first range of cellular health supplements that specifically target cellular nourishment to better support our body cell’s ability to repair, renew and rejuvenate. The supplements enhance longevity, health and wellbeing and have been demonstrated to assist with anti-aging. 

SRW Laboratories’ three core products under its Cellular System Range are: 

Cel¹ Stability supports DNA repair and maintenance processes as well as creating a supportive cellular environment to support healthy DNA activity. It is recommended for anyone over the age of 20 as a daily essential and becomes more important if you experience stress factors that negatively impact DNA, such as lack of sleep, UV and pollution exposure, poor diet or excessive stress.  

Cel² Nourishment supports energy levels in the cell which becomes more important in your thirties when your cellular energy starts to decline and can impact your cell’s ability to operate at youthful levels. Cel² is formulated with key molecules such as NMN, astaxanthin and pterostilbene to boost and support key enzymes and proteins essential for energy generation and cell repair, and to support your cellular membranes. Cel² is formulated especially for those that are experiencing the feeling of less energy that comes with age.  

Cel³ Renewal supports the cellular housekeeping processes that start to decline in our forties. This supports the natural processes that play an important role in clearing out and recycling cells in the body called senescent cells that are no longer useful. Cel³ is recommended to support the body’s ability to form proteins and recycle cells. 

Taken in combination, Cel¹, Cel² and Cel³ provide optimal natural protection, supporting your overall cellular system for healthy aging. 

Other key products include the DNAᵃᵍᵉ Cellular Age Test which is a ground-breaking blood test that uses the latest developments in epigenetics and AI to show how well you’re aging. The test measures 3 key metrics: Your cellular age, Pace of Aging and Telomere length, further giving consumers personalised insights and education on how they can age better. The test comes with a comprehensive lifestyle plan, product recommendation and a one-on-one consultation with an expert. DNAᵃᵍᵉ provides a baseline for you to begin your SRW healthy aging journey. By regularly taking the test (recommended every 6-12 months), individuals can track the impact of their supplementation regimen and lifestyle changes on their body. This tracking is essential for monitoring progress, identifying areas of improvement, and understanding which aspects to address and enhance. 

To find out more on how you can control how you age and pursue healthy aging, please visit https://scienceresearchwellness.com/. The Cellular System Range and DNAᵃᵍᵉ Cellular Age Test are available for purchase on https://scienceresearchwellness.com/.

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