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Smoosat Offers Shoppers with Pre Prime Day Deals with E9 Pro and S8 Scooters

HOUSTON, July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Smoosat, an up-and-coming scooter brand dedicated to providing the greatest scooter-riding experiences for everyone, is refreshing the summer riding experience with scooter special offers before Amazon Prime Day.


Amazon’s Prime Day is the largest shopping carnival in the US. And it is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to list the products for kids or as gifts for a lovely summer experience. Smoosat’s Pre Prime Day discounts secure your saving. Before Prime Day, Smoosat is offering their flagship E9 Pro Electric Scooter for kids and S8 kick Scooter.

“We hope our customer and their kids will enjoy the summer holiday earlier, this is the reason why we provide this special offer earlier”, said Laura Leonard, General Manager of Smoosat. A family holiday should be all about treating yourselves to a refreshing break from your normal habits and mundane day-to-day life. With innovative and reliable technologies, Smoosat is motivated to help parents keep kids safe while they have fun in the sun. The brand hopes to better accompany and protect children for parents.

On this momentous and unique opportunity for shoppers, Smoosat is offering their flagship electric scooter – the E9 Pro,which is perfect for children of all ages and their overall kick scooter for the youth the SA8. Both are feature-packed with utility, power, speed, safety, and distinct design philosophy with the user demographic in mind.

Smoosat E9 Pro:

All the while you can take a break and relax as the E9 Pro is not only optimized for a fun ride but also for parental supervision. With its eye-candy design, it is a no-brainer as a gift for your child or a loved one. Some of the highlights of the E9 Pro are:

Five color modes: On the scooter deck, the rainbow-inspired five-color cycling allows kids to switch freely between different colors and create unforgettable memories. Legible LED display custom-designed for kids: The LED display clearly shows battery level, scooting mode, and riding speed for both convenience and safety. Age versatile: Three adjustable height settings make the E9 Pro suitable for children from 3’9” to teens up to 5’3”. Powerful yet friendly: Powered by a 130W brushless motor and a 21.6V rechargeable battery, the E9 Pro delivers up to 5 miles per charge ensuring a happy, yet strong riding experience. Three speed modes: During the rides, kids can safely switch between 5mph, 8mph, and 10mph at the touch of a button, and check their battery level and ride speed with an LED display, a first-of-its-kind design on the market. Lightweight: At only 14lbs it is easy for parents and even kids to carry around. Safety features: Besides the lighting effects to capture parents’ attention, the E9 Pro packs a safe brake mechanism for comprehensive safety.

Since its inception, the Smoosat E9 Pro electric scooter for kids has already gained widespread traction among customers and shot to “Top 3” on Amazon’s hot new releases list.

Smoosat S8:

While the S8 is also a scooter at its core, it is for a different audience. With its understated even colored look, it is for the youth and even teenagers who prefer an elegant design and would rather opt for a sleek and stylish form over multiple LED colors and batteries. It has its own bag of features as well that make it stand apart in the market.

Unique Y-type handlebars: In contrast to the conventional T- type handlebars, it puts the rider’s wrists in a natural position when riding, effectively reducing the stress on the arms and wrists. Extreme smoothness: It features 8” PU wheels with a sophisticated bearing (ABEC-9) design to ensure a smooth and easy ride that allows longer range with less effort. Comfortable Deck: The S8 scooter offers more foot room than other scooters with a bigger deck (15.12″ x 4.7″) and an upgraded rubber anti-slip pedal. It maximizes the comfortability and stability of riding.

The design is for all ages – kids, teens, and adults. And it just needs one step for folding.The S8 is a unique offering that is trendy for youngsters in the prime of their lives.

In addition to the E9 Pro and SA8, Smoosat is planning to launch two adult electric scooters in August that are targeted toward high school and college students. The brand wants to be truly lifelong playmates for children. On a macro scale, Smoosat is dedicated to innovating in the smooth-riding philosophy.

Smoosat is actively innovating technology to escort the smooth-riding of the riders with novel features with no compromise to safety so that everyone can enjoy the ecstasy of riding life to the fullest.

Shopping before Prime Day, get your Smoosat E9 PRO Kid E-Scooter in Black or Blue, or S8 Kick Scooter in Silver with under $170.

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About Smoosat

Smoosat is dedicated to providing the greatest scooter-riding experience to everyone, no matter how young or old. Smoosat scooters are not just a commuting tool or a short-lived toy, but an all-ages-loved and family-trusted companion that embodies the spirit of smooth and joyful gliding.

Smoosat’s products combine genius engineering with slick design and sincere customer service, in order to deliver high-quality family-friendly products at a practical price for real fun.

For more information, please visit smoosat.com



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