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Join Shell Malaysia and BonusLink ‘Ekstra Ganjaran Setiap Hari’ campaign to win up to 4X BonusLink Points

Shell Malaysia and BonusLink launched the ‘Ekstra Ganjaran Setiap Hari’ campaign to reward loyal customers with up to 4X BonusLink Points for fuels purchases. The campaign begins on 16 November 2020 and will end on 30 April 2021.

During this campaign, customers can accumulate BonusLink Points faster than before, based on the principle of tiered rewards where the more purchases one makes in a month, the higher the points tier they move up into, and the better the rewards they will receive – up to 4X BonusLink Points!

To participate and be upgraded to a higher points tier, customers simply need to swipe their BonusLink card at Shell and pump a minimum of RM50 of Shell FuelSave 95, Shell V-Power 97, or Shell V-Power Racing fuels in a single receipt (“Qualifying Transaction”). Customers will earn extra BonusLink Points* for each Qualifying Transaction according to the points multiplier at each points tier. They will also be upgraded to a higher points tier if they accumulate a certain number of Qualifying Transactions in a month.

Points TierAccumulated number of Qualifying Transaction(s) made within a monthBonusLink Points multiplier
Tier 11 transaction1X
Tier 22 transactions2X
Tier 33 transactions3X
Tier 44 transactions and above4X

With the points collected, customers can redeem special treats in-store for as low as 100 BonusLink Points. These include popular favourites such as a 240ml Milo Original canned drink, all four flavours of the Roller Coaster 60g snack, Mighty White Smoky BBQ Bun*, and SELECT Antibacterial Wipes (15’s) *, among others.

For more information on this campaign, please visit www.shell.com.my/EkstraSetiapHari

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