Samsung Smart Air Purifier 60m2 available now in Malaysia

If you’re looking to have a fresher air in your home for 2023 in Malaysia, Samsung has announced the Samsung Air Purifier 60m2 is available now for the local market. The new air purifier from Samsung combines a sleek, streamlined design, an intuitive user interface, and a multi-layered purification technology, the Samsung Smart Air Purifier 60m2 allows anyone to breathe easy and enjoy pristine air in the comfort of their own home. 

The Samsung Smart Air Purifier 60m2 features with a top-of-the-line 3 Way Air Flow purification system that both removes ultra-fine dust from the atmosphere and reduces the overall level of bacteria caught in its filters. The Air Purifier’s filters work in three stages: first, the Washable Pre-Filter extracts larger dust particles and irritants from the air, including common allergens like pollen and pet dander. Next, the Activated Carbon Deodorization Filter works to remove harmful and undesirable gases, ensuring a room smells and feels fresh all day long. Finally, the anti-bacterial Dust Collecting Filters are then able to capture 99.97% of remaining ultra-fine dust. Additionally, the Dust Collecting Filters also contain zinc oxide, which has been proven to have excellent bacteriostatic properties — this then reduces bacteria on the filters by 99.9%.

Not only that, the Samsung Smart Air Purifier 60m2 also boasts unparalleled coverage area as well. The air purifier’s Front Air Inflow technology easily draws in air from the front, so the device operates just as effectively even when placed against the wall. The purifier also comes with a Power Fan that, combined with its 3 Way Air Flow technology, rapidly distributes clean air that spreads much wider in a room — instantly purifying a wide space in no time at all, corner-to-corner.

Fresh Air at Your Fingertips

In addition to its extensive functionality, the Samsung Smart Air Purifier 60m2 is also effortless and extremely convenient to control. Users can take care of their environment and check the air pollution level anytime and anywhere with the Samsung SmartThings App on their mobile device, which also allows them to control the Smart Air Purifier 60m2 remotely. With a simple touch or voice command, you can turn the purifier on or off, check the air quality, and monitor the status of the filter. You can even set an on or an off timer for the purifier to conserve energy. With this, your home will always be a haven of fresh air, accessible from your very fingertips.

Elegant Design, Effortless to Master

For everyday ease of use, the Samsung Smart Air Purifier 60m2 comes with a Numeric Air Quality Display which allows you to check the precise air quality of your room with just a glance. A Laser PM Sensor detects dust, even particles less than 1.0㎛, and gaseous contaminants, which is then displayed to the exact level of PM1.0/2.5/10 sized air pollution on the numeric display. The built-in Air Quality Indicator will then highlight how clean the air is with a bright and easy-to-understand 4-color indicator. 

The purifier also comes with several modes to ensure it fits seamlessly into any environment and lifestyle: Auto Mode automatically optimises the device’s power and fan speed according to the surrounding air pollution level to reduce energy use, while Sleep Mode helps you sleep by creating a softer and quieter air flow, without any display lighting.  

Pricing and Availability

The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) for the Samsung Smart Air Purifier 60m2 is RM1,899. In addition, consumers will enjoy RM100 voucher from Setel / Shell eVoucher or TNG eWallet credit of their choice.

ProductModelRRPColour AvailabilityRewards
Smart Air Purifier 60m2AX60R5080WD/MERM1,899GreyFree RM100 Choice of Setel / Shell Petrol eVoucher or TNG eWallet Credit

For more information on the Samsung Smart Air Purifier 60m2, please visit: https://www.samsung.com/my/air-care/air-purifier/air-purifier-ax60r5080wd/

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