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BMW Motorrad Malaysia announces BMW CE 04, first electric motorcycle for local market

BMW Motorrad Malaysia confirmed the latest BMW CE 04 will be launch in Malaysia, the first electric motorcycle by the brand for local market.

The BMW CE 04 features an innovative electric drive that provides an abundance of power and range, making navigation through urban jungles a breeze. A low placement of the energy storage unit brings excellent handling and astonishing dynamism to an overall smooth and pleasant ride. Altogether, the BMW CE 04 embodies pure urban freedom and unadulterated fun, but with quiet subtlety. 

Embrace the future with the BMW CE 04

The BMW CE 04 brings a futuristic design with low stretched out profile and tubular steel main frame is furnished with ample, calm and minimalistic surfaces in striking Light White, complemented by matt black sections in the front and side areas. Another striking feature of the New BMW CE 04 is the “floating” seat, which also takes on a matt black look. 

At the front, a telescopic fork guides the front wheel, accompanied by a twin disc brake ensuring secure deceleration. From the side, the BMW CE 04’s forward-looking design is represented by trend-setting wheels featuring a disc-wheel look, as well as a side stand that is integrated in the design styling. Meanwhile, the tyres of the BMW CE 04 are measured at 120/70 R15 67H for the front and 160/60 R15 56H for the rear. Moving onto the back end, the rear wheel control consists of a single sided swing arm, while suspension and damping are performed by a directly controlled, fully covered spring strut.

It also packs a powerful LED lighting units have been implemented for the headlamp in both high beam and low beam, the rear light, as well as the turn indicators.  Ensuring greater safety and utility, Adaptive Headlight Pro is also included as standard, alongside daytime running lamp and special light functions, such as “Welcome” and “Good Bye”.

Powering the BMW CE 04 is the magnetic, liquid cooled electric motor mounted in the lower frame. Located between the battery and the rear wheel, this placement contributes the electric bike’s low gravity design. The electric motor is capable of generates a maximum output of 31 kW (42PS) and 62 Nm of torque, allowing for stop-and-go acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h in just 2.6 seconds. The top speed for the BMW CE 04 is set at 120 km/h. 

As for battery cell capacity, it features an ample 60.6 Ah (8.9 kWh), providing a maximum range of 130 kilometres. The lithium-ion battery is charged using the integrated charging device, which can be done at any regular household power socket, wallbox or public charging station. When completely flat, fully charging the battery to maximum capacity takes 4 hours and 20 minutes, assuming the standard output of 2.3 kW. With quick charging, assuming an output of up to 6.9 kW, this can be reduced to 1 hour and 40 minutes. 

It even has four riding modes: “ECO”, “Rain” and “Road”, as well as the “Dynamic” riding mode that is available as an ex works option. Ensuring peace of mind and greater riding safety, the latest generation of BMW Motorrad Integral ABS Pro is featured as standard. 

For display, the BMW CE 04 is fitted with a 10.25-inch TFT colour display with Integrated Map Navigation, as well as extensive connectivity powered by the BMW Motorrad Connected App With the app, riders will have access to arrow navigation, as well as vehicle status and statistics. Other than that, the screen makes it possible to display a navigation map in the instrument cluster, with no additional display needed, and can be operated via the multi-controller. For added convenience, USB port, storage compartment with USB chargers, 12V socket, lighted helmet storage compartment, lighted flexcase, keyless ride functionality and reversing aid are included as standard. 

As of now, BMW Motorrad Malaysia will give more details in March 2023 and the price of the CE-04 is estimated around RM60,000 (not confirmed price). For more information on the BMW CE 04, stay tuned to the BMW Motorrad Malaysia website here.

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