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Samsung Smart Air Purifier 40m² (AX32BG3100GBME) review

There are so many air purifier in the Malaysia market yet hard to make a choice for the consumer. However, after 2 weeks of testing the Samsung Smart Air Purifier 40m² (AX32BG3100GBME), I think this is the perfect one for every household to own one. Why? Let’s continue to read on at below to find out more.

Design – Compact, minimalist and trendy design and easy to maintain

If you’re looking for a compact and minimalist design air purifier, the Samsung Smart Air Purifier 40m² is the perfect choice. It’s measurement are 349 x 499 x 236 mm (WxHxD) and comes with in Clay Beige colour. While there aren’t much of colour choice in Malaysia, the styling of the device is minimalist and trendy thanks to the dual tone effect.

With a 6.9kg weight, I feel the Smart Air Purifier to be light to carry around. Also, because it had a cube shape, you can place it anywhere at your space with ease. The display panels are fairly responsive and the LED lights are brightly lit to notify the device status. The display panel also has 4-Color Indicator with Sensor which shows the amount of pollution.

Build quality is quite good and sturdy. Surprisingly enough, it is so easy to do self maintenance on the Smart Air Purifier. Just look for the bracket and pull the front panel, you’re good to do cleaning or changing the filter.

Performance – Cleaner air thats does help users to breathe easier and feel calmer

Now, let’s touch the point of the Smart Air Purifier performance. If you’re putting it in a small to medium space area, you’ll definitely feel the purified air within around a minute or two from the moment you turned on the air purifier.

The device uses multi-layered high efficiency purification system. A Washable Pre Filter extracts larger dust particles. An Activated Carbon Deodorization Filter then removes harmful gases*. And a Dust Collecting Filter’s electret filter media captures up to 99.97% of ultrafine dust**. While I cannot verify the claims for the purification system, I can verify that it does provide a different air quality that helped me to breathe easier and feel more calm. Being my first time experiencing an air purifier, I definitely can see the benefit having an air purifier in my living room.

The fan has 3 speed option: Low, Medium, and High. If you want a quiet moment, I highly recommend to Low. But if you prefer to get faster and more purified air at your space, then Medium and High is the one for you, albeit you need to bare with the fan noise. If you’re lazy to choose you can set it into Auto as the system will coordinate the fan speed for you.

There is also a Sleep Mode. What it does is providing a softer and quieter air flow while reducing the lighting on the display so users can have quiet and peaceful sleeping period.

Connectivity – SmartThings is definitely a game changer

You might be wondering, why didn’t I mention the controller. Well, users can control the air purifier with the SmartThings app. Don’t worried if you’re not a Galaxy smartphone owner because the app works well on other Android and iOS device.

Setting and pairing the device to SmartThings is quick and easy. Just make sure to have your smartphone with SmartThings app and a WiFi. It just take less than 3 mins (depends on your WiFi range too), and you’re good to go to control the Smart Air Purifier with your smartphone.

Once paired up with SmartThings app, you can use adjust the fan speed, make a schedule to turn on and off and you can turn on and off manually at anywhere.

Final Verdict – Easy and straightforward to use, perfect for the modern home living and first-time buyer

So, the Samsung Smart Air Purifier 40m² is priced at RM999. The device is easy and straightforward to use for any individual thanks to its simple layout and SmartThings. The air purification performance is good for small space area especially at home or office. My recommendation for the Samsung Smart Air Purifier 40m² is get one today if you’re looking to change or a first time buyer. You won’t be disappointed with the device.

Please take note that the review was made possible by a loan review unit from Samsung Malaysia. However, the review has no compensation so there are no editorial input or final approval required. The review was done within 2 weeks of usage.

* Tested by the Korea Conformity Laboratories on the AX32BG3100Gxxx for formaldehyde, ammonia, acetaldehyde, acetic acid and toluene gases.** Tested by the Korea Conformity Laboratories. The electret filter media has over 99.97% dust collection efficiency, based on a particle size of 0.3㎛.

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