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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Review: Flip your selfie game to the next level

Ever since the launched of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, it brings various refinements and features which offers even one of the best foldable experience in the market. But one thing for sure, I think the Flip4 is one of the best device if you love to selfie but there are more to it as well.

So in this review article, we are going to learn everything about the Galaxy Z Flip4 . Let’s go.

Design – Small refinements with better premium looks and grip feel

In my first impression article, I mentioned that the Flip4 looks same with Flip3 and that still stands today. If you’re attentive enough to the device, you noticed Flip4 has new flatter and polished sides, matte finish on the cover, and slightly smaller yet better feeling hinge. The design also maintained the premium feel while allows users to grip better.

The power button on the side also served as a fingerprint scanner, so you can expect a quick unlock here. The device is also has IPX8 rating, meaning you get waterproof protection but not dust proofing. The Armor Aluminum on the side gives a really strong confident of ownership with its durability. I had accidentally drop the device at a low height yet it still had no scratches or damage.

Performance – Enjoy, play and work without worries

The Flip4 is powered by Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 with 8 GB RAM and up to 512GB internal storage. You definitely can do some serious gaming with the device such as Genshin Impact. It ran pretty smooth with High Settings with 60 fps turned on and the gaming experience is excellent.

Flex mode on the Flip4 is operating much more smoother

The device is also running the latest One UI 4.1.1 with Android 12. Which means you can run all the latest apps on Play Store with the Flip4. While there is no DeX, I certainly don’t find the benefit having it on the device because the device is meant to be bring out. You will enjoy the Flex mode function here such as touchpad to navigate the gallery, watching YouTube with Flex mode and so on. While some may not feel any difference for some of the software function, I do feel that the software experience is smoother and slightly better for productivity and entertainment.

There are numerous latest software feature on the Flip4 which really brings good benefit to users such as the cover display can control the WiFi, Sound, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Flashlight and cover display brightness. It helps the users to lessen the need to flip their phone to the main display.

Battery – Last you at least a day, sort off

It really can last at least a day. Then again, it depends on your usage as well.

This year’s Flip4 get a battery upgrade to a 3,700 mAh battery with 25W Fast charging support. This time it could offer at least a day of battery life but it depends on your usage. Compare to the previous model, the battery department has definitely improved a lot.

Display and Audio – Good for entertainment usage

The display and speaker on the Flip4 provides good entertainment experience

The Flip4 is a good device for entertainment usage. With the 6.7 inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X with up to 120Hz refresh rate, you can expect great viewing experience with smooth scrolling experience. For those who are worried about the crease, you don’t need to as over time you will get used to it.

The stereo speaker setup on the Galaxy Flip4 is loud and has good amount of bass so you’re going to enjoy music and movie playback here.

The cover screen on the Flip4 looks brighter and touch response is good!

As for the Cover Screen, it is a 1.9″ Super AMOLED Display that offers users a quick view for notifications and good responsive touch. It is fairly bright and viewing under sunlight. Touch response is fairly accurate most of the time too!

Camera – Improved main camera and Cover Display

The new 12MP main camera sensor is superb h

For the camera, the Flip4 has a 12MP main camera, 12MP ultrawide camera and10MP front camera. The main camera sensor has been upgraded to provide 65% brighter pixel sensor, Enhanced OIS, VDIS. Together with the new NPU and software, you know the Flip4 is going to offer fantastic experience to capture amazing moments.

Let’s start of with the photography. The main camera is the one you’re going to use most of the time as it offers really solid photo quality in bright and low light condition. The main camera can do zoom shots up to 10x digital zoom but I advised to keep the digital zoom level at 3x so you can get a fairly usable photo for social media post. As for the ultrawide shots, it looks good in bright conditions, however, noises can appear in low light situation. Meanwhile, the front camera also deliver an improve photo quality thanks to the latest NPU and software, although, it tend to be a little bit soft. Portrait photos on the main and front camera are quite good as well with fairly good edge detection if you learn to control the effect strength. All cameras supports Night mode so you can use it to enhance your low light condition shot.

For videos, all the cameras are capable to record up to 4K 60fps. For this review article, the video sample are caught in 4K 30fps so make sure to watch the video. The main camera video are the best to capture video for any moment and condition as it usually offers fairly good details with less noise. The ultrawide camera video is good for bright conditions but when low light conditions, expect noises to appear. The front camera is good for vlogs but just as the ultrawide camera, videos at low light condition will develop noises.

However, the key highlight for the Flip4 is actually to shoot with the Cover Display. This way you can ensure your selfie photos and vlogs to be consistently perfect thanks to the strong main camera and wider shot with ultrawide camera. Together with a new preview size and image aspect ratio while shooting on the Cover Display, you can expect the perfect shot at anytime, anywhere. The Cover Display has also offer users to shoot Portrait photos now as well and it works well.

If you’re someone that is doing it for the ‘gram or social media, then you’re certainly met your match with the Flip4!

Final Verdict – Strong camera, performance and battery has finally bring a solid foldable experience

With the refinement and improvement on the Galaxy Z Flip4, I think it is hard to ignore what it can bring to the table. With good camera hardware and features, performance and battery, you can enjoy the foldable experience without any issue. While there are things I would like to see such as telephoto lens and faster battery charging speed, the general users would not mind about it too much.

My recommendation for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, you should get it if you’re ready to enter to the world of foldables. The experience it brings to smartphone experience has been exceptional. If you’re someone who love to selfie, this Flip4 will be ready to blow you and your followers’ mind with great quality photos and videos.

In Malaysia, Galaxy Z Flip is priced at RM4,099 for 8+128GB, RM4,399 for 8+256GB and 4899 for 8+512GB. There is Flip4 Bespoke variant that goes for RM4,599 for 8+256GB but do take note that it takes at least 6 weeks to get the device as the Bespoke variant are made to order from customer’s customization request.

Special thanks to Samsung Malaysia for providing the review unit for review purposes. However, this is not a paid content hence no final approval or creative input was required by the brand. The above mention are based on 2 weeks of testing and writer’s experience. Any future software updates may provide a differ experience to the users.

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