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Galaxy Z Flip4 new battery size is enough to power a whole day of style and creativity

If you’ve ever doubted that foldables aren’t enough to last for a whole day usage, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4 is sufficient to power your style and creativity throughout the whole day with the new 3,700 mAh battery.

Whether it is for an online meet with a fashion designer in Paris to creating the next viral video on TikTok, Galaxy Z Flip4 is proven to last until the end of the day thanks to the new 3,700 mAh battery and energy efficient flagship processor. I have tested the device from 9 am to shoot about nearly an hour of 4K videos, taking photos, and browsing and posting on social media for a couple of hours (like every normal being), the device still last around the 30+% battery status at 6pm.

However, if you’re a heavy user type, you don’t need to worry about the downtime while charging as the Flip4 now supports 25W Fast charging. You can just simply leave your device to charge while busy with your meeting or perhaps prepare a meal, you will get sufficient battery level to continue your productivity for the day.

For those who doesn’t wants a cable attached when charging, the Flip4 supports 10W wireless charging. You can just leave your Flip4 on the wireless charging pad and let it gets recharge while you can focus on other important matters.

If you’re ready to be staying ahead, then the Galaxy Z Flip4 is ready to be purchased in Malaysia with a starting price of RM 4,099 for 8GB+128GB variant. Click here to get yours today and click here to read our full review for the Galaxy Z Flip4.

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