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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Unboxing and First Impression – Still setting the standard of premium flagship smartphone in 2023

If you’re still hesitating to make the decision to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, then this unboxing and first impression article will hasten your mind up. Let’s get into the unboxing first.

You can also check out the unboxing and First 24 Hours usage impressions on the official YouTube channel.


For those who aren’t aware of Samsung’s commitment to sustainability, the Galaxy S23 Ultra packaging is made from recycled materials and no chargers are included. Outright, you’re getting the Galaxy S23 Ultra itself, paper works, sim car slot tool ejector pin and a USB Type-C to Type-C cable.

Pretty much straight forward and if you really need a charger for it, you can get the 45W charger adapter.

First Impression\

After unboxing it, almost all of you will be thinking the device is the S22 Ultra but I don’t blame you for that. The Floating Camera design is so iconic that you know it is an Ultra smartphone from Samsung. The new colourway for the Galaxy S23 Ultra also brings a refreshing style to the user. The Lavender colour I’ve got here, it has a nice finishing which when light shine onto it, you will notice the Lavender colour to be more apparent.

Something new for the display is the less curved on the edge and larger flat surface area. I feel the new display design helps to reduced mistouch and allow better scrolling or drawing to the edge. Definitely, the S Pen will benefit with the larger flat surface area as users can draw or write without feeling cramped due to extreme curve display on the predecessor.

With the new Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chip and larger cooling solution on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, there is no surprise that performance is solid for day to day usage. But, I will try out mobile gaming for the full review so, gamers, do stay tuned for the full review. My review unit is the 12GB RAM and 256GB ROM, it feels so speedy when I rendered 4K clip into a video. For now, performance is not an issue when you get one for yourself.

Battery life is even impressive. Coming from the S21, I’ve always been feeling battery anxiety. However, after switching to the S23 Ultra as my daily driver, I don’t even have to worried within 24 hours of using it even with WQHD+ with 120Hz refresh rate. It just last until the end of the day. If I wish something to improve for the S23 Ultra, then is the charging speed as I felt it need to be even faster than 45W here.

Coming to the cameras, the new 200MP main camera and 12MP front camera is the key highlight here. They sure bring the photography and videography experience to the next level. The main camera can take great photos and videos, regardless of the lighting condition. The new 12MP front camera also perform excellent in photos and videos, despite some may think it was a downgrade from the predecessor’s 40MP front camera.

I shot, edited and upload this vlog video on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. You’ll be amazed with the new performance and features can offer to modern content creator who is always on the go!

One more thing, this is currently the only Android premium flagship smartphone in 2023 that can shoot up to 4K 60fps video on the front and rear camera. Oh yeah, one more thing, did you know that S23 Ultra can shoot up to 8K 30fps video?

Final outtakes

Overall, I felt that Samsung has continued to set a standard in the premium flagship smartphone in 2023. Not only just with the camera improvement, the performance, battery and others also gets some refinement that enhances to what is used to be great and now feels even greater. While this may not be a review article, you can’t deny what Galaxy S23 Ultra is offering to table right now as it truly sets apart from the competition.

Convinced to get one now in Malaysia? You still can pre-order the Galaxy S23 Ultra from Samsung Malaysia via online and offline channel to get extra benefits to go along. It is available in Black, Green, Cream and Lavender. Get yours today if you’re looking for the true premium flagship experience.

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