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Rhythm Check: AKB48 latest single ‘Ne mo Ha mo Rumor’

AKB48 has released their latest song ‘Ne mo Ha mo Rumor’ (根も葉もRumor) along with a MV after one and a half years of silence.

The Japanese girl group has showed off their new performance on a Japanese music TV program prior to the release of the song. People who watched the show were surprised to see their latest performance which is based on ‘LOCK DANCE’.

Their dance has so much energy and many people loved it and described it as an “unbelievably amazing dance”. The overall views on the music video and the dance clip on the AKB48 official Youtube is over 7.5 million. This new song was a hot topic inside and outside of Japan and reached groups of people who never knew AKB48 before, meaning that their support rate has moved rapidly up.

Nana Okada who performs in the center on this new song and Hitomi Honda who has just come back from the girl group IZ*ONE, are the new heroines for the group and they are attracting new fans from the younger generation in Japan and abroad. 

According to the group, they have stopped recruiting the members from sister’s groups and reformed the group to only AKB48 original members. This shift actually made the group more strongly united and they can see the direction for the future more clearly. They rebuilt the new style of AKB48 which is getting out of the category of idol and they are trying to stand out with their great dance skills.

Although AKB48 has been very active in Asia, this latest song ‘Ne mo Ha mo Rumor’’s music video on YouTube has 10 language subtitles for the first time. The languages are Japanese with Roman alphabet, English, Indonesian, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French.

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