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Review: OPPO Watch Free – An entry level AMOLED smartwatch to consider

It is pretty rare for an entry level smartwatch to have a large AMOLED screen and I can’t resist the opportunity to review the OPPO Watch Free when approached me. So, I said yes to them and for 2 weeks of testing, I’m convinced with the offering by OPPO.

If you prefer to watch the review, check out the review video for the OPPO Watch Free above. If you’re done or prefer reading then let’s learn more about it at below.

Design – Ticks all my boxes except the strap

For the design of the Watch Free, it is very slim, light and minimalistic. The watch body size is 46.0 mm x 29.7 mm x 10.6 mm (with a 11.4 mm raised section for measuring the heartbeat) and the entire watch is just weigh at 32.6g.

The strap is using silicone material and the length is 130–205 mm while the width is 19mm. My main gripe for the strap is the locking method. Not my liking but it does lock securely.

I also love the 2.5D curve screen design on the 1.64 inches AMOLED because it looks like a premium smartwatch.

One thing to take note here is the exclusion of buttons on Watch Free. If you’re not used touchscreen only smartwatch, then you better think carefully before getting one. Also, Watch Free is rated 5 ATM waterproof.

Display – Gorgeous, large AMOLED screen

The 1.64 inches AMOLED on the OPPO Watch Free is really gorgeous and large. With the rectangular shape too, you don’t have scroll up or down much during navigating the smartwatch.

The screen has DCI-P3 100% for incredible colours and 326 PPI pixel density for sharp looking display. The display department is really top notch for an entry level smartwatch.

Performance/Features: Covering all the basic as sleep is important here

For the OPPO Watch Free, the main highlight here is the OSleep All-Scenario Sleep Monitoring. What this feature does it monitor your entire sleep journey, from before, during, to after bedtime. I won’t comment on the accuracy of the monitoring result for every features here but it is good to know the features available on OPPO Watch Free.

You also have heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen monitoring on the device here. It worked but I noticed they are kinda a bit slow on producing the result when compare with the competition. I also had a weird issue with the blood oxygen monitoring feature where it took a long time detecting and sometimes failed due to wearing method even though I have tighten the strap. Hopefully there is a software update for this issues.

For those who love workout, there’s over 100 workout mode to choose along with auto workout detection. Workout detection will activate easily if you’re walking long distance so just take note on that.

There is also a Drink Water feature which I think is excellent for those who hardly keep track on their daily water intake. You also can use the Watch Free to control your smartphone camera shutter.

Overall, the OPPO Watch Free performance/features will cover all your basic necessity without a sweat.

Watch Faces – Various options suit various appearance and style

For those who love changing their watch faces, then you will enjoy the options available here. The watch will default to 4 watch faces and you can add new one via MyHealth Tap app.

Via the app, you are treated with pre-loaded watch faces. If there is nothing suit you with the pre-loaded watch faces, you can make your own watch face with the AI Outfit by snapping a picture and the software will create a watch face out of it. You also can create custom pattern as well. But if you don’t want the hassle of creating watch faces, you can just use still photos as watch face.

Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0 ensure stable though no GPS and NFC

The OPPO Watch Free uses BLE 5.0 technology which ensure a stable connectivity to any device. But, Watch Free doesnt have any GPS so it will most likely to rely on your smartphone for location tracking. Also, there is no NFC here so you can’t perform any wireless payment.

Battery – Pretty standard like the rest

OPPO is claiming the Watch Free is capable of 14 days battery life but that is possible if you treat it as a watch without the “smart”.

For my testing, I have turned off the notifications, max brightness andmax strength for vibration. This settings is good for nearly a week. If you’re someone who love workout or turning everything on, expect the battery life to last around 3-5 days.

For the battery size, it is using a 230 mAh and the charging speed is just lile most of the competition.

Verdict – Might be pricey but worth the pay

So, let’s face the fact straight up first. The OPPO Watch Free is priced at RM449 and might be pricey for a basic smartwatch. Then again, you’re getting a large AMOLED display, all your basic necessity for a smartwatch and a pretty good battery life.

While there are some niggling bits for some such as the strap locking, lack of buttons and a bit slow monitoring results, the Watch Free remains an ideal smartwatch if you have the budget. Highly recommend to shortlist if you need a basic smartwatch with a large AMOLED screen.

Special thanks to OPPO Malaysia for providing the review unit. However, this is not a paid content hence there is no editorial input nor final approval is required. OPPO and the readers are reading at the same time. Every comment for the review is based on 2 weeks usage and may differ as future sofware update may alter the experience.

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