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Review: OPPO Enco Air2 – Good audio and connectivity but slightly pricey

When OPPO Malaysia has offered me to review their latest entry level wireless earbuds, OPPO Enco Air2, I just can’t say no because I really loved listening to music with wireless earbuds. The Enco Air2 allows user to play audio content and make phone calls so you definitely can use it at anywhere and anytime.

But what can it offer more? So, after 2 weeks of testing the OPPO Enco Air2, here’s what I have to say about it. By the way, you can check out the review video as well at above.

Design – Great for those who wants compact and lightweight

The design of the Enco Air2 and its charging case is pretty good. The wireless earbuds is designed to be one-size-fit-all and is quite light as each earbuds is weigh at 3.5g. Wearing the earbuds is not an issue and you don’t feel its weight during long period of time. The earbuds look design is minimalistic so if you’re looking for something not attracting attention, then you will probably love it. But do take note, Enco Air2 has IPX4 rating so you can use it during workout session and outdoor.

The Enco Air2 has touch control which is located on top the earbuds. More on the controls at below section. But the touch response is good and never had any issues during the testing.

As for the charging case design, it has an oval-ish shape with translucent lid. For some reason, I keep thinking that it looks like a PokeBall. But then, I really love the design and its translucent apporach because it looks different than the competition. The charging case has a LED light to notify the case battery level and a USB Type-C port for your charging. The translucent lid is easy to open with one thumb too!

Performance – A clear and adequate bass audio experience but no ANC

OPPO mentioned that the Enco Air2 is using a 13.4mm Composite Titanized Diaphragm Driver for the audio. I have been playing musics and noticed the beats and vocals quite good. Though, I do feel the volume is slightly low because I usually hovering at 50% volume when using it.

Songs tested: Beautiful Escape – Tom Misch feat. Zak Abel, 19.10 – Childish Gambino and Boom – DPR Live, DPR Ian.

You can operate the earbuds without HeyMelody but you will missed some features. HeyMelody will let users to choose 2 Enco Live Sound Effects for the Enco Air2 – Bass Boost and Clear Vocals. I would prefer Original Sound and Bass Boost for most contents. Clear Vocals would most likely suit for those listening to podcast or online conferencing.

There is also Game Mode which helps to lower the latency, which is certainly benefit user who are avid mobile gamer.

My only problem with the performance for Enco Air2 is the lack of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). If you’re like me, who is spoiled by ANC, you will have a tough time when you’re at somewhere noisy.

Control – Limited control but accurate

The Enco Air2 uses touch control for picking up calls, music and controlling volume. There is only three ways for the touch control: double tap, triple tap and hold. The reason not to have single tap was not to register accidental tap but it also remove additional way to control.

Each tap and hold function is only good for one role and can be edited through HeyMelody app. The double tap only allows either Play/Pause, Next and Previous for music control. As for the triple tap, it is not registered to anything when out of the box, allows turning on or off for Voice Assistant or Game Mode. Meanwhile, the hold function can only control volume and can be set which side to control volume up and down.

Overall, it has limited touch control here but the touch response feeling is accurate.

Connection – Quick and steady thanks to Bluetooth 5.2

The Enco Air2 has binaural low-latency with Bluetooth 5.2 which I think it has deliver solid connectivity. Pairing up the wireless earbuds is quick and I never encountered any issue with the connection. You can just wear them and leave your phone at one room while at another room listening to your favourite music or podcast.

Battery – A fair battery life affair

On the battery department, Enco Air2 buds has 27 mAh battery and its charging case has 440 mAh battery. OPPO claim battery life(with 50% battery life) is 4 hours for single charge for the earbuds and can last 24 hours with the charging case.

While I rarely go over 3 hours of music listening, during the test period, I don’t have any issue with the battery life for 3 hours-ish of use. Unless you’re planning to wear it during long flight or journey, you will enjoy its performance and battery life. Over the 2 weeks of testing, I have only charged it twice so that should able to tell about how good its battery life.

The official charging time given to Enco Air2 is 1.5 hours for the earbuds only and 2 hours for earbuds and charging case together. The charging speed is quite standard and if you’re like me who charge gradually, you really don’t have to wait so long to immerse into your music.

I would say the battery life and charging is good for general usage.

Verdict – Covers your basic audio needs but pricey

OPPO Malaysia has set the price for Enco Air2 at RM249 which I felt is quite pricey when the competition is offering similar or better entry level wireless earbuds that cost cheaper. If you want to get one today, there is two colour option, Blue and White.

The Enco Air2 does a pretty good job to cover your basic needs. The shortcomings and slightly high price is quite hard for someone like me, but for the general users who needs a great quality basic wireless earbuds for play and work, the Enco Air2 can be shortlisted to your purchase.

Special shout out thanks to OPPO Malaysia for providing the review unit. However, this is not a paid content. There is no editorial input or final approval required by OPPO. OPPO and readers will reading the review at the same time. Every comment for the review is based on 2 weeks usage and may differ as future sofware update may alter the experience.

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