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Review: Odourly, a eco-friendly re-odouriser that works well

Let’s faced it, as we’re embracing the new norm by staying indoor frequently, we always want our space to smell pleasant. However, if you haven’t used a re-odouriser before like me, perhaps you might want to check out the Odourly. Odourly has launched its eco-friendly re-odouriser for the Malaysian market and I will find out how well they worked.

A little bit detail on Odourly, it is a new re-odouriser brand from Malaysia so some of you might not heard of them yet. By the way, do check out the review video at above too as I can explain the real-life experiencing the product.

The brand claimed their product has many features like Kids & Pets Friendly, Biodegradable, Scents of Essential Oils, Natural Insect Repellent, 100% Natural and the most important thing, Re-odourise. Odourly also recommends that you can place its re-odouriser at cars, toilets, rubbish bins, shoe rack, living rooms, nappy bins, litterbox, wardrobe, offices and potted plants. For my review, I will be testing them at home and my car.

It’s really easy to use the Odourly’s re-odouriser. All you need to do is pour the re-odouriser from the plastic bag into the woven sachet. After that, you just hang or place the woven sachet at your desired place. While it is simple to use, I would highly recommend to put it at places where kids couldn’t reach because the re-odouriser pellets does resemble like candies.

I have started off by hanging both Odourly re-odouriser at my toilet and car. After 1 week, I shifted the one in the toilet to my living room. For the first 2 weeks, the re-odouriser emits pleasant smell around the area. On the claim of Scents of Essential Oils, it does smells like it as you can smell it even stronger when wind blows into your home. The smell certainly gives refreshing air at the surrounding area. As my home does have dogs, they certainly doesn’t feel weird when I put it at my living room thus it is certainly certified as Kids & Pets Friendly.

Another claim of Natural Insect Repellent by the brand, I would say its effectiveness is 70-90% of the time. As my home windows is constantly open, insects do fly in easily but ever since hanging the Odourly re-odouriser at my living room window, there was some reduction of seeing insects flying into the home. Some insects still fly-in but they don’t tend to hang around near the re-odouriser. I would generally say that mosquitoes may still fly around hence the rating of effectiveness of insect repellent is 70-90% of the time.

However, do take note that you may noticed that the re-odouriser’s strong smell will start to wear off after 2 weeks. However, the woven sachet still has its pleasant smell retained if one should want to smell upclose. Till today, the two sachet in my home and car is still retained and they still works okay after more than a month, although the strong smell of re-odouriser is totally gone.

During my time reviewing this product, the brands has notified me that they have updated the product’s price. Odourly re-odouriser now cost RM 9 for 1 pack, RM 40 for Pack of 5 and RM 90 for 500g. I would say the pricing is quite value for money as the features on the re-odouriser does really work. You can get them through odourly.com or through e-commerce site like Lazada and Shopee.

Overall, I would give a solid 4 out 5 rating for Odourly re-odouriser. The features that has been claimed by Odourly wasn’t overselling and works extremely well for your home and office. Best of all, it is 100% Natural hence you won’t feel any weird or displeasing experience as it helps to re-odourise. You should go and check them out today if you want to eliminate any unwanted foul smell and insects in your home or office, naturally.

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