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JOOX’s Hip Hop Beats aims to promote hip-hop wave in Malaysia

JOOX has just announced JOOX ORIGINALS – Hip Hop Beats, a brand-new series that aims to start the hip-hop trend in Malaysia. JOOX also announced an exclusive album titled “Lebuhraya Slatan” by GARD WUZGUT is coming to celebrate Hip Hop Beats launch on 31st December.

Angie Tan, Head of JOOX Malaysia, said, “Hip-hop is one of the country’s most beloved genres, as evidenced by its chart-topping performance in JOOX Malaysia. We are proud to be launching Hip Hop Beats under JOOX ORIGINALS to deliver the best and hottest tracks to local music fans, as led by red-hot hip-hop duo GARD WUZGUT. Stay tuned to JOOX, as we hope to deliver more local and international music to Malaysian fans throughout the new year.”

For those wondering why JOOX decided to spin off a hip-hop series, the music streaming service has claimed that more than 810,000 plays by the hip-hop fans in the country over the past year. Meanwhile, GARD WUZGUT is a hip-hop/R&B duo formed in 2018, producing music that is defined by catchy beats, flavorful bass grooves and smooth synth lines. Leading up to this exclusive full-length release, GARD WIZGUT has recently produced an EP that introduced their music to Malaysian hip hop lovers.

Here are the song list of the exclusive album “Lebuhraya Slatan” on JOOX:

⦁ Track 1 – SHELDON OTW
⦁ Track 2 – 30 (LAJU MANA)
⦁ Track 4 – APA DALAM BEG
⦁ Track 5 – 250
⦁ Track 8 – SATU TAB
⦁ Track 8 – 12 JAM
⦁ Track 10 – SHELDON BALIK

So whether you’re a long-time fans or someone new to GARD WUZGUT, make sure to log in to JOOX on 31st December to stream their latest exclusive album “Lebuhraya Slatan”. JOOX is available on PC, iOS and Android platform. Download it to your device and start your premium music journey today!

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