Motul celebrates 50 years of illustrious journey for Motul 300V

Motul emerged as a pioneer of the lubricant industry in 1971 with the launch of the world’s first fully synthetic ester-based lubricant, the 300V. This new grade of lubricant ushered a shift in the paradigm of what could be achieved with cutting-edge technology in motor oils. Motul had not only created a revolutionary product, but also achieved unprecedented performance and reliability on the race track. 2021 is a significant milestone for Motul, marking the completion of half a century of the 300V brand. This year, Motul celebrates the illustrious journey of their flagship product. This celebration would not be completed without Motul’s discerning customers who have contributed to Motul’s success on and off the track. Share the love for Motul by using #LegendaryPowerRefined to join in on the celebration.

Since 1853, Motul has been producing the highest quality of engine lubricants. The 300V is the embodiment of Motul’s values and vision to provide a catalyst for high performance engines and evolve alongside those technologies year on year. Inspired by Motul’s 300 victories, the brand 300V was launched as a new fully synthetic motor oil. Although available commercially today, the 300V was initially synthesized solely for racing applications. It was engineered with synthetic base oils and ester additives to create perfect synergy of power and reliability. The technological breakthrough, called ESTERCore, allowed the 300V to maintain its competencies under extreme conditions and constant stress, immediately gaining a reputation as the perfect oil for winning.

300V Timeline

There is a 300V lubricant for every type of engine and application to best suit the engine and keep it performing at the highest level. Motul has made sure to bring the latest racing technology to everyday consumers, perpetually improving their formula from feedback and cooperation from international competitions. Beyond the 300V, Motul provides a range of products including the 8100, H-Tech, RBF, ATF, CVTF and DCTF for other parts of the car.

In the coming months, Motul Asia Pacific will collaborate with some of the region’s top experts to test Motul lubricants first-hand and give feedback. Motul fans will be able to check out the experts’ reviews via their Social Media channels (watch out for #LegendaryPowerRefined) and on Motul channels.

50 years of the 300V marks an unprecedented achievement for the company. The legacy of this iconic lubricant is built upon a foundation of technological advancements and Motul remains committed to staying at the forefront of the development curve for decades to come.

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