Let’s hear what Cik Manggis, Melissa Tan, Josephine Yap and more have to say for Samsung Malaysia’s #FurTheWinMY challenge

While Samsung Malaysia is about to announce their #FurTheWinMY winners, the company also would like to thank the public as they have recorded an amazing response, and there were so many amazing entries that Samsung team had a hard time choosing.

Meanwhile, you can continue browse through all the competition entries using the #FurTheWinMY hashtag on Instagram or listen to few of their participants @cikmanggis, @heymelissatan, @jyjosephine, @lovelimzy, @cloakwork, and @nadianash have to say about their experiences in the challenge:

“This challenge looks simple but actually it helps in improving creative art skills and I love everything that is related to arts. Samsung’s Eco-packaging initiative is a brilliant idea. Other than letting everyone get creative, it also helps the environment by reducing waste.

Kurus loves his pet house! So I might make a Smartphone & Tablet Scanner Stand for myself since the box itself is strong enough to hold everything together.”

− Cik Manggis

“I didn’t want to incur any new materials for the project and I prefer a very minimal look – so I decorated with existing plants in my home which I could then compost after. My dogs are wary of the box, so it’s now serving a better purpose – a plant shelf for my plants! 

I appreciate that Samsung’s Eco-packaging was recycled and that soy ink was used – it will spur people to reconsider that even things that look ‘environmentally friendly’ like paper / cardboard and inconspicuous elements like ink incur an environmental cost and that there are always better ways to source them. I’m interested to see Samsung pursue ambitious carbon reduction targets, and their transition to renewable energy and a more circular system within their business.”

− Melissa Tan

“Comfy and cozy! My dogs love staying inside the little pet stairs I made. Since the boxes are made with really strong quality, it will be nice to make little shelves for handbags or makeup.

Being sustainable is a gradual process. It’s all about reducing when and where you can with no pressure. There’s no need to strive for perfection in every aspect. I think Samsung’s Eco-packaging is a great move to encourage consumers and other brands to reuse and recycle.”

− Josephine Yap

“It requires a bit of planning and sketching at first, but that’s the best part as your imagination is limitless. And most of all, understand the needs of your pet, functionality and practicality of the design.

I have created a tiger portrait with the cardboards and exposed corrugated boards as well, and I played around the positive and negative space between the liner board and corrugated board. Every part of the cardboard is reusable. It is very eye opening. It was also a great way to do something different with my family during the lockdown.”

− Limzy

“This project inspired me to see every material differently and there is always a second chance to approach every material. It’s very great as I can recreate them and enhance my studio space, and at the same time minimise the wastage. Maybe Samsung can consider applying the initiative on some small boxes too to create some simple objects.

It was fun and challenging, especially cutting the good quality cardboard. The most enjoyable moment is definitely during the installation process.”

− Cloakwork

“A-MEOW-zing! They instantly played with it and still are! I always have empty boxes lying around the house, getting to turn it into a playhouse for my cats was an idea I loved. Just put on your favourite playlist and get crafty!

It was a fun way to spend an afternoon in. Great for the environment and consumers get to be a part of it too! My hope is that it doesn’t stop here. This initiative and similar ones should be on-going. It all starts with one step!”

− Nadia Nash

It is good to say many participants are glad to bond with their pets at the same time while being eco-friendly! Once again, don’t forget to check out Samsung Malaysia’s #FurTheWinMY entries on Instagram in the meantime, and maybe seek inspiration to plan for your next project as well!

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