More than 60 Malaysians spend the night in IKEA Malaysia’s stores at first ever IKEA Sleepover

IKEA Malaysia has recently hosted its first-ever nationwide IKEA Sleepover, allowing a lucky few the chance to live out their dreams of spending the night in IKEA. Held simultaneously across all IKEA stores in Malaysia, the event offered IKEA Family Members a truly unique in-store experience, with a variety of performances and activities tailored to each store.

“Great sleep is essential for a healthy and happy life. It is also a key component to making everyday life better – which is also our commitment here at IKEA,” said Malcolm Pruys, Country Retail Director of IKEA Malaysia. “We’re excited to host our first-ever nationwide IKEA Sleepover, where customers can experience our bedroom solutions firsthand. We hope this event will elevate the IKEA experience to a new level as we look towards bringing our brand closer to customers in new and exciting ways.”

The Main Highlight  

Each IKEA store has hosted a unique and memorable main event. The highlight at IKEA Cheras was the special appearance of Nabil and Hawa, Hosts of the popular talk show MELETOP. During the hour-long segment, Nabil and Hawa shared their sleeping routines and habits, displaying their witty banter and even engaging in fun activities with the audience. 

At IKEA Damansara, participants had the unique opportunity to witness a live recording of Mamak Sessions, a popular podcast hosted by Malaysian content creator Jinnyboy. Fans were entertained by the candid and humorous exchange between him and co-hosts Shu Faye, Ryan, and Jobroseph, as they discussed everything and anything that people talk about when they can’t fall asleep.

Sand artist Loong Bee transported the audience at IKEA Tebrau to a world of wonder and imagination with a mesmerizing sand art performance, while a Treasure Hunt with fun and exciting challenges was set up for IKEA Family Members at IKEA Batu Kawan.

An IKEA Sleep Expert also took the stage in IKEA Damansara and IKEA Cheras, to share tips and tricks for achieving better sleep. These include comfort, the right lighting, temperature, sound, air quality, room colour and furnishings – six elements are essential for a well-deserved rest.

An Evening of Music and Fun Activities 

The IKEA Sleepover also feature performances by local acts, setting the stage for a night of fun and entertainment.  Sarawakian musician, Alena Murang, filled IKEA Damansara with atmospheric sounds of the sape while indie band The Venopian Solitude wowed the crowd at IKEA Cheras with their unique blend of electronic sounds and traditional instruments. 

At IKEA Tebrau, audiences enjoyed a dreamy and retro-filled performance by Malaysian band Babychair, while alternative rock band Capt’n Trips and The Kid captivated the crowd with their unique sound at IKEA Batu Kawan.

The IKEA Sleepover offered a variety of night-themed activities for participants to enjoy, designed to help them prepare for a good night’s sleep. From sleep yoga and body massage to bath salt workshops, there was something for everyone.

A Sleepover Event Like No Other 

“The chance to spend the night in IKEA is truly once-in-a-lifetime, and the line-up of activities and performances make this experience even more unforgettable. Amidst all the fun, I learnt that getting a good night’s sleep involves small steps like having a relaxing night routine and creating a calm environment for yourself. I truly enjoyed the IKEA Sleepover and look forward to other exciting activities that IKEA has in store in the future,” Jayne, an IKEA Family Member who attended the IKEA Sleepover at IKEA Cheras shared.  

Registration for the IKEA Sleepover was open for IKEA Family Members on 2 October 2023, with a total of 1,942 entries received.

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