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Malaysia first’s UNIQLO Coffee to be launch during UNIQLO’s Fahrenheit88 Store reopening on 9 November 2023

UNIQLO has announced that on 9 November 2023 will be the date of the reopening for its fully renovated store at Fahrenheit88 Shopping Mall. The three-story shopping haven is offering a full line-up of LifeWear from both core and special collections, as well as an exciting range of new features and services. 

The remodelled UNIQLO Fahrenheit88 store has also expanded the sales floor from 30,515 square feet to 33,937 square feet. The brand is committed to provide a shopping haven that is truly “Made for All” with the new expansion.

Yuki Yamada, Group Executive Officer of Fast Retailing and Chief Executive Officer of UNIQLO Malaysia & Singapore said, “We are genuinely thrilled about the grand reopening of UNIQLO Fahrenheit88. Since its opening in 2010, UNIQLO Fahrenheit88 has not only been a go-to shopping destination for the locals but also a beacon for tourists from across the globe. It has seamlessly become a part of Kuala Lumpur’s vibrant lifestyle, meeting the diverse fashion preference of both locals and global visitors.”

UNIQLO made its debut in Malaysia in 2010 with the opening of its first store at Fahrenheit88. Since then, UNIQLO’s LifeWear products have gained significant popularity among Malaysian customers, leading to the establishment of 57 stores across the country to date.

The reopening of UNIQLO’s Fahrenheit88 Store is set to offer UNIQLO Coffee, which is debuting first time in Malaysia, and new services. Learn more at below:


The all-new UNIQLO Coffee, first of its kind in Malaysia, will nestle at Ground Floor of the revamped UNIQLO Fahrenheit88. Offering both takeout and dine-in options, it invites visitors to relish UNIQLO’s exclusive coffee blend.

It’s a place where customers can relax and enjoy their drink, allowing them to take a break and relish the moment.

Special Collaboration with Red Hong Yi

Renowned for her innovative and captivating artworks, Malaysian contemporary artist Red Hong Yi’s partnership with UNIQLO introduces a unique dimension to the store’s grand reopening celebration.

The illustrated flower motif serves as a visual embodiment of UNIQLO’s guiding philosophy, “Made For All”. Just as each flower bears it own unique structure and beauty, skin to the distinctiveness of every individual.

These designs are available exclusively for UTme! customisation in Uniqlo Fahrenheit88.


RE.UNIQLO Studio was launched in November 2022, contributing towards a circular economy through upcycling and the 3Rs: Repair, Reuse and Recycle.

As part of the store’s reopening, the RE.UNIQLO Studio is adding new repair services such as embroidery and Sashiko stitching, helping customers extend the life of LifeWear items.

UT and UTme!

The second floor of the Fahrenheit88 store features a dedicated space for UNIQLO UT T-shirts featuring motifs from pop culture icons that are popular in Malaysia and globally, including KAWS, DISNEY and anime inspired.

The UTme! service enables customers to customise T-shirts and tote bags with their own designs or existing motifs, offering a personalised touch to their fashion.

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