MM2H consultants are dumbfounded with the recent over 90% application rejected by MOTAC

President of MM2HCA, Mr Lim Kok Sai

The Malaysian My Second Home Consultants Association (MM2HCA) was left dumbfounded with the recent massive application was rejected by MOTAC. The association was informed by their members that from 25th June , they have received more than 90% Rejection Letter under Bil. 2/2020 with applications submitted between September and November 2019. According to the association, this has never happened before in 14 years of MM2H Program.

The application that has been rejected also weren’t given any reasons or comments and stated the applicants could not be appealed. The consultants are also required to return the money to the applicants although works to help the applications has been carried out. This means the consultants might face severe financial difficulties and challenges with the ongoing COVID-19 issue.

The association also stated that the application process is quite tedious as well. My Malaysia Second Home (MM2H) Consultants required to take long period of months to help applicant to process it. The application approval can take around 6 to 9 months period to deliver the result to the application. The association also stated that MM2H has helped the nation a lot as MM2H applicants required to spend a lot to meet the requirements.

The President of MM2HCA, Mr Lim Kok Sai, is hoping the government would able to step in and assist with the current situation. As of now, multiple meeting schedule has been made with the agency handling the MM2H application but there is no response at the moment.

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