Mini Haircare highlights successful Hair Business in Malaysia that offers effective hair care solutions

To run a hair care solution is not an easy feat especially being a female-founded Malaysian company. Despite that, Mini Haircare has shown the resilient to highlight success as a growing business as a sustainable hair care company.

Mini Haircare is founded by Padmini Karunakaran in 2020, a passionate entrepreneur who wanted to create a haircare line that was good for people and the planet. She was inspired to start Mini Haircare because she wanted to create a haircare company that was good for her hair and the environment. Not only that, she also wanted to create a company that would support other female entrepreneurs.

Padmini also said that Mini Haircare products uses high-quality, chemical-free, cruelty-free, and vegan, natural ingredients to treat each and every hair issue. The products contain ingredients such as biotin, caffeine, and some secret ingredient, which are all anciently known to be beneficial for hair growth.

Truth to be told, Padmini said that it can be challenging to balance being a single mother and an entrepreneur, but it is possible with a lot of hard work and dedication. She also excited to announce that Mini Haircare has reached the million-ringgit milestone. Her advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs is to never give up on your dreams while believing in yourself and your product. Padmini was recently received the IM award in Kuala Lumpur and she was honoured to be recognised for all the hard work and dedication that she have put into Mini Hair Care.

When asked about her company’s most popular product, she provides a list of the most popular Mini Haircare products as per below:

  • Mini Haircare Shampoo: Our shampoo is made with gentle cleansers with eucalyptus essential oil that remove dirt and oil without stripping hair of its natural oils.
  • Mini Hair Mask : Our conditioner is made with moisturizing ingredients that hydrate and nourish hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and manageable.
  • Mini Haircare Hair Serum: Our hair serum is made with almond oil and it absorbs easily into the hair to prevent from damage and split ends. Non sticky.
  • Mini Haircare Hair Oil: Our hair oil is made with a blend of 32 types of herbs and natural oils that help to moisturize, nourish, and protect hair.
  • (NEW) Mini Haircare Hair Tonic: Our hair tonic is a new product that is designed to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. It is made with a blend of natural ingredients, including biotin and peppermint.

For her own favourite Mini Haircare product, Padmini highlights the Mini Hair Shampoo. It is a gentle shampoo that leaves my hair feeling soft and hydrated. It keeps her scalp fresh with the menthol feel.

While the company is basking in success, Padmini still has plans for the future of Mini Haircare. She is planning to expand her company’s product line like beauty and skincare along with making Mini Haircare more accessible to customers around the world.

Mini Haircare products are made with high-quality, natural ingredients that are clinically tested to be effective. Mini Haircare is a fast-growing company with a global customer base and its products are sold online and in selected regional distributors.

For more information please visit : https://www.instagram.com/minihaircare.my/ and https://www.tiktok.com/@padmini.karunakaran 

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