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Let’s explore Malaysian YouTuber #WithMe content

To be honest, with the extension of the Movement Control Order (MCO) announced recently by the Malaysian government, most people are wondering how are they going to spend their time. For most of us, streaming video will come to our mind during staying at home. But as most streaming service requires you to pay a monthly fee, YouTube will be your main platform choice as it is free for everyone to use.

You may usually watch original content from international famous YouTuber like PewDiePie or maybe FBE, but our local YouTuber is also able to deliver such high quality original content as well. Let’s explore some of the Malaysian YouTuber #WithMe content:

Stay home and Eat #WithMe (Foodie Content)

Buat Orang Lapo

Nasi Goreng Cili Kering by Buat Orang Lapo

Always wondering how to make the best nasi goreng ? Wll, now you can learn how to make a dried chilli fried rice recipe by Buat Orang Lapo which will surprised you it is that easy to make a nasi goreng.



Craving for that ‘ayam penyet’ (smashed fried chicken) but stuck at home? Well, you can now learn how to make it while entertained by Zarol, Ecah and Amri of Cikidot

DISH by Ili

How To Cook A Simple Nasi Lemak by DISH by Ili

Missing the nasi lemak by the roadside stall during Movement Control Order while #StayHome? Well, you can actually make a simple nasi lemak with Ili Sulaiman’s tutorial

The simplest things are the hardest to get right. But with Ili Sulaiman’s tutorial, you’ll get that nasi lemak down in no time.

Jeff & Inthira

Inthira cooks for the first time! The situation is full! Can cooking conquer the taste buds of my father? !! Will the kitchen blow up? !! by Jeff & Inthira

Watch as Jeff challenges Inthira to whip an amazing meal for his parents during the #StayHome period.

Syedot ASMR


Let this local ASMR creator share some steps on using food delivery apps like a pro.

Stay home and Work #WithMe (Self Productivity Content)

Daphne Iking

5 THINGS you can do when you are forced to STAY AT HOME! by Daphne Iking

Check out this local tv personality’s handy ideas to keep your kids entertained.

Vivy Yusof

A Girl’s Guide to Working From Home by Vivy Yusof

Check out how this fashion entrepreneur work-from-home productivity tips – from fitness, to handling kids, and more.

Stay home and Learn #WithMe (Learning Content)

Alif Satar

DUDUK RUMAH DIAM-DIAM! Habis tu Kerja macam mana!!!?? by Alif Satar

Watch this famous entertainer ponders how one can get work done from home and shares his opinions on it.

Pong Pong

Malaysia ’s closure of the country extends to 28 days … Sister and brother take zero-cost MV at 500 clothes at home! ? [Behind the scenes] #StayHome#WithMe  by Pong Pong

Ever wanted to do your own music video and figured it’s a hassle to begin with? Fret not as The Pong siblings are here to show you how you can make it with minimal fuss.


DUDUK RUMAH! Belajar edit gambar! Ft. Budiey | smashpop by Smashpop

Love taking pictures? Especially selfie? Well let’s learn how to edit as well as Smashpop will teach you to up your editing skills.

Stay home and Laugh #WithMe (Entertainment Content)

Budiey Channel

REACTION Bila Selebriti Popular Kasi Nasihat Supaya Duduk Rumah Feat. SmashPop #KitaJagaKita #WithMe by Budiey Channel

Get entertained with this react video as Budiey Channel invited tech unboxer SmashPop to react to celebrity tips and reminders on staying home.

Mark O’Dea

The Coronavirus Song (Say So Doja Cat Parody) by Mark O’Dea

Popular TV host, Mark O’Dea collaborated with actor Kai Chalmers to charm must-do best practices through this catchy parody music video.


PERKARA WAJIB! Semasa Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan by MrClyrie

This Sabahan YouTube creator is going to teach and pitches some really easy things to do to keep boredom away.


Things To Do During Lockdown (I CALLED MY EX!!) by VikarWorld

Want some humour content that will cracked you up? Watch VikarWorld as he recommends some fun activities… and also puts them to the test with hilarious results.

Stay home and Exercise #WithMe (Staying Fit Content)

Jordan Yeoh

One Exercise That Fires All (super time saver) by Jordan Yeoh

Wanted to exercise but not sure technique is the best? Let fitness guru, Jordan Yeoh, show you an exercise that is really tones up different areas of your body.

Linora Low

Workout With Household items (coming soon) by Linora Low

This former radio DJ and fitness guru will share some tips on using various household items to stay in shape while staying at home. So make sure to subscribe to her channel and click on the bell icon to received updates on new video.

Hopefully through this recommendation, you will be continue #StayHome and support the Malaysian YouTubers. If you do go through the list, let me know which content creator gives you the best impression on the comment section.

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