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Kwai Chai Hong partners with Kaiyi Wong and Samsung to present Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝 installation for the Mid-Autumn celebrations

From left: 
Terrence Liew, Managing Partner of Bai Chuan Management;
Luke Au, Head of Product Marketing, Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Malaysia Electronics;
Coco Lew, Managing Partner of Bai Chuan Management;
Kaiyi Wong, Artist of Moonlit Dragon Art Installation; 
Zeen Chang, Managing Partner of Bai Chuan Management;
Wee Ho, Managing Partner of Bai Chuan Management; and
Javier Chor, Managing Partner of Bai Chuan Management.

Kwai Chai Hong is celebrating this year’s Mid-Autumn with a a breathtaking installation titled as Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝, that combines cultural themes of the dragon and the full moon. This year’s installation is held in partnership with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 | Flip5, with its enormous centerpiece fronted by local young artist Kaiyi Wong from Unreality Studio.

According to Zeen Chang, Managing Partner of Bai Chuan Management, Kwai Chai Hong’s mid-autumn installation theme this year is inspired by the values and teachings of Chinese folklore inculcated since birth and how they became a part of our daily lives.

“Kwai Chai Hong is always at the forefront of showcasing installations with themes surrounding Chinese culture presented in fresh and oftentimes thought-provoking manner to tease our visitors, particularly the younger generation. It is our way of preserving Chinese tradition through modernity. Drawing inspiration from the rich culture of Chinese traditions, Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝 exudes a magical ambiance that will leave visitors spellbound. With meticulous attention to architectural detail, the exhibit combines various branches of Chinese culture, folklore, and symbolism to create an amalgamation of Strength and Beauty. This year’s theme transcends the boundaries of traditional mid-autumn celebrations and reconceptualises the meaning of Strength in Unity in giant proportion.”

The Legend of the Dragon

The theme, Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝 narrates the legendary tale of the protective Chinese dragon – a powerful symbol of unity, peace, and prosperity. The legend which inspires The Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙 輝 tells a story of ancient times, during a period of turmoil and conflict, when the children of different villages in China envisioned a mythical creature that could unite all tribes and foster harmony. Thus, the caricature of the dragon was born, a creature embodying the swift movements of a serpent, the strength of a tiger, the grace of an eagle, amongst many other representations. This awe-inspiring creature still remains a timeless emblem of peace in Chinese culture.

Zeen added, “Much like the legend of the dragon, which was a guardian spirit creatively imagined by a group of young children, and eventually became a heritage of our values and traditions, we too embrace the spirit of imaginative and creative endearment in the expression of our artform. The dragon represents strength, grace, and protection, while the moon represents unity and completeness. The Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝 is the reflection of the heart and spirit of Malaysians, who share a history of being united in strength, regardless of our backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures, and how we choose to protect them.”

Together with the collaboration with Samsung, both parties are bringing Flip Town to Malaysians, where they can experience the fusion of ancient traditions and modern tech with the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5. Discover Gen Z trends while snapping selfies at the Galaxy Space Hub and jump aboard the Flex360 Bus to flex every side in the 360 Photo Booth. Show that local pride for the Flip Town murals, by a homegrown artist and unleash your creativity at the craft workshops available.

Visitors can also register at the Galaxy Space Hub at Kaffe 16 to get their Mission Card to start their journey. Complete all missions at these stations to redeem a free coffee at Bubble Bee Café and exclusive brand collaboration merchandise.

The Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝

The Mid-Autumn installation done by local artist Kaiyi Wong, a young designer and digital artist. Each part and component of the Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝 represent an awe-inspiring dragon of colossal proportions coming to life through meticulously crafted wooden frames adorned with a mesmerising lattice of translucent plastic plates, aligned to look like ancient Chinese coins strung together by a red string.

Commenting on the creative inspiration, Wong said, “The Mid-Autumn Festival holds a special place in the hearts of the Chinese people. The ‘Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝’ aims to transport visitors to a realm of wonder, where the mythical dragon and the moon come together in harmony. The captivating interplay of light and shadow creates a breathtaking scene, as if the dragon’s spirit in dynamic flight, puncturing through the building’s façade—an extraordinary spectacle that merges art and architecture. The artwork serves to guide us as an integral thread woven into the intricate tapestry of our cherished Chinese lineage, as the Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝 connects the past and the present, igniting a sense of belonging and reverence, honoring the footsteps of those who came before.”

The Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝 will be available at Kwai Chai Hong from 25 August 2023 to 8 October 2023 and open to the public daily from 9AM to 12AM.

For regular updates, please visit Kwai Chai Hong’s Facebook, Instagram or website at www.kwaichaihong.com.

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