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HORWIN sets to debut SENMENTI O & SENMENTI X at EICMA 2022

HORWIN has announced that they will be launching two high-performance intelligent electric locomotives SENMENTI O & SENMENTI X based on integrated intelligent chassis at upcoming EICMA. According to HORWIN, SENMENTI is a transliteration of “life form” in Chinese.

HORWIN has spent 6 years of underlying technology research and development and European market verification for the “IM integrated intelligent chassis” developed by HORWIN to redefine the electric motorcycle.

HORWIN set more than 30 sensors in SENMENTI 0, and at the same time, it uses automotive level domain control technology to achieve high-speed computing, information judgment and decision-making, forming an intelligent platform integrating data collection, data analysis and automatic decision-making, which not only greatly expands the upgrading space of OTA (Over-the-Air Technology), but also realizes the lifelong evolution of OTA covering all scenarios. It will become more and more intelligent and even in the future, it can realize the learning of human unique personality, use human-computer systems to interact with users, and become a new mobile life with real communication, memory, and learning capabilities. SENMENTI X is a real “mobile first-class cabin flying close to the ground”!

HORWIN will display IM integrated intelligent chassis, self-balancing technology (two-wheeled dynamic driving assistance technology), SENMENTI 0, SENMENTI X, and launch mobile life laboratory (user co-creation event) on Hall 24Q – Stand A70 at EICMA from November 8th to 13th.

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