Heineken Hotel Takeover at KLoé Hotel brings music, art, wellness and culinary excitement for two weekends

Held over two weekends, the first ever Heineken Hotel Takeover had took place at KLoé Hotel, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was part of Heineken’s Take the First Sip campaign, has brought exciting memories to attendees. Happening from 23-24 July and 30-31 July 2022, the event recorded more than 1,500 attendees where they discover and explore Heineken’s offering while enjoying cross-genre music, contemporary art, wellness pursuits and culinary delights.

One of the main highlight of the event was a five specially curated secret rooms that were transformed into immersive interpretations of Heineken’s 5-star brewing principles such as 100% pure ingredients, pure malt, horizontal brewing, Heineken’s unique A-yeast and a pouring room to try their hand at a Heineken Star Serve. 

Over at the Heineken studio, a high-energy HIIT and dance classes accompanied by specially curated playlists, along with relaxing yoga classes, all in partnership with Oxygen KL. 

Gastronomes were treated to a curated menu of Dutch-themed food at the Heineken Kitchen in Monroe and by the pool to satisfy their cravings while exploring the Heineken Hotel playground. The menu features mouth-watering burgers, delectable spicy chicken poppers, fries and other delightful bites – where it was perfectly paired with a refreshing Heineken. 

For those who enjoys music, there were DJs spinning crowd favourites in the hotel lobby to local artists jamming by the poolside where cross-genre music was a core component of the entire event and also presented the key highlights of the hotel takeover. When the night takeover, the Heineken basement came to life with beats dropping from the likes of popular DJs such as Bad Habits, Bass Agents and BATE to a party you wished not to missed.

For those who are staying over for the night, they were treated to Heineken-themed staycation rooms that offered exclusive Heineken merchandise for guests to take home as tokens of a weekend to remember.   

If you did attended for the Heineken Hotel Takeover, let us know what is your memorable moment in the comments!

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