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Ejen Ali Season 3 Part 2 returns exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar this December 2022

Disney+ Hotstar has confirmed that Ejen Ali Season 3 Part 2 will be returning on the streaming service exclusively on this December. The Part 1 was premiered on 25 June, 2022 in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Since its launch, fans and viewers have followed the exciting events of the new season as Ali and his friends are reunited for a secret Ejen competition at the M.A.T.A. Arena. Over the course of the series, Ali has faced multiple challenges – from completing his missions without his supercomputer device I.R.I.S. and competing in an intense competition against highly-skilled International Ejens to uncovering a secret plot to gain control over the futuristic city of Cyberaya. At the same time, in an attempt to expose Numeros’ devious schemes, M.A.T.A.’s best Ejen, Rizwan, has gone rogue with former Numeros member, “Dos”.

Part Two of Season 3 picks up in the aftermath of Rizwan’s surprise appearance during the chaos at the Cyberaya Science Centre.  As the Arena competition continues to evolve, Ali struggles to adapt yet again while the remaining competitors eye the top four spots in the final challenge. Meanwhile, the shadowy figure, Cero, quietly sets his play into motion and unleashes the Numeros’ explosive attack on M.A.T.A.     

Co-produced by Disney+ Hotstar, Primeworks Studios, and WAU Animation, Ejen Ali is a multiple award-winning franchise boasting an innovative, expansive universe and high-quality animation. Usamah Zaid and Nazmi Yatim serve as Co-Directors in Part Two of Ejen Ali Season 3, with Shafiq Isa as the Creative and Voice Director. 

Part 1 of Ejen Ali Season 3 will conclude with episode 7 premiering on 6 August, 2022 and continues with Part 2 in December 2022, exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar. All episodes of Ejen Ali Seasons 1 and 2, Ejen Ali the Movie, as well as the short film Ejen Ali: Misi Juang are available now on Disney+ Hotstar.

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