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Get entertained with YouTube during Ramadan

As we are entering the third week of Ramadan, faith communities are using new ways to celebrate safely in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 within their communities. Hence, Muslims around the world are going online to share and celebrate safely while staying at home. One platform you should not missed during Ramadan is YouTube as numerous contents are available to help everyone to spend their time at home.

With that said, YouTube has a wide range of Ramadan content for the coming weeks. From Sahur (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (breaking of fast) activities, to faithful fashion to live streams of religious ceremonies, check out our Ramadan #WithMe playlist for the latest.

YouTube Ramadan highlights from Malaysia and across the globe:

  • JAKIM, Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Development, plans to air daily live streams of Quran recitals, talk shows featuring religious leaders in Malaysia, and tutorials on how to perform Ramadan rituals on their YouTube channel
  • Local TV networks TV3 and TV9 by Media Prima, broadcast channels like Astro Ceria, My Salam Muslim, Astro Gempak, TV Al-Hijrah and Radio Televisyen Malaysia are uploading various Ramadan-related talk shows, documentaries, dramas and telemovies throughout the Ramadan & Raya period.
  • Malaysia’s pop queen Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, singer and TV personality Alif Satar, comedic sketch masters Sterk Production and many other local content creators will be sharing daily videos around food, religion, entertainment and more in our curated Ramadan #WithMe playlist. 
  • Elsewhere around the world:
  • Major TV networks, TRANS7 and MetroTV will launch a series of shows and news segments focusing on entertaining, informing, and educating viewers on Ramadan topics – from breaking fast, Sahur, family life, and caring for the needy during this challenging time. Music label 3D Entertainment recently released Ramadan Berkah to celebrate the Holy Month, while NAGASWARA will publish ten episodes of Ramadan acoustic music sessions.
  • Singapore-based channel, Muslim.Sg offers you content you can binge-watch from the comfort of your own home: weekly talk shows with Asatizah Youth Network, religious teachers answer the most Googled questions on Ramadan, and a moving short film about celebrating Hari Raya (Eid) amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Aysha Harun, an LA-based hijabi fashion and beauty vlogger, will mark the third year of her annual Ramadan Daily series, giving viewers a glimpse into her everyday life with family and Iftar preparations.
  • The Saudi Reporters are one of the oldest and most successful creators in Saudi Arabia. From sketches and competitions, to comedy series and vlogs, they bring laughter to millions of views across the globe, through their videos. This year they will be releasing the second season of their animation series Boody and Zozo.
  • Dina Tokio is a UK-based stylist who began vlogging while working in a call centre. Today, she has her own clothing line and is one of the most high profile modest fashion influencers in the world. As a proud member of the Muslim community, Dina will be posting Ramavlogs as often possible during the month, including plans to host a live Iftar once a week on YouTube with her husband Sid.
  • Turkish chef, TV presenter, and food columnist, Refika Birgül, is planning several Ramadan content for both her Turkish and English channels, including how to set the dream Iftar table, a Ramadan recipe series, and much more.
  • Anas and Asala, known as the Anasala Family, are a young Syrian couple, living in Canada, who vlog about daily life as Arabs in the Western world. This Ramadan, they will be releasing a series of videos about what it’s like to experience Ramadan under quarantine.

Top trending Ramadan-related videos on YouTube Malaysia

With Malaysians spending most of their time at home adhering to the Movement Control Order, many have turned to YouTube to source for content related to the Ramadan season. Below are some of the trending terms with its most popular videos. 

Searches for ‘Ghazal’ on YouTube have increased by 400% compared to the last 12 months. Some of the most popular Ghazal videos in Malaysia over the past month are:  

  1. Makan Sireh (Ghazal) cover by Rojer Kajol feat OMG PDRM
  2. Laksamana Bentan (Ghazal) cover by Duo Branak ~ M Karim & Rojer Kajol
  3. Ratapan Hati (Ghazal) cover by Sri Rojer Solo ~ Rojer Kajol
  4. Selamat Berhari Raya Akustik cover by Balle Balle Malaysia (Ghazal)
  5. Latihan Nasyid Ghazal Malaysia part 1

Searches for ‘Ramadan’ on YouTube have also increased significantly compared to the last 12 months by 300%. The more popular Ramadan-related videos in Malaysia over the last month consist of:

  1. Maher Zain – Ramadan (Malay/Bahasa Version) | Official Music Video
  2. John Cena Buat Hal Di Bazaar Ramadan! – GTA Ramadan Special (Bahasa Malaysia)
  3. Pertama Kali Puasa Tiada Bazaar Ramadan! – GTA 5 “Ramadan Special” (Bahasa Malaysia)
  4. Orang Puasa 16 Jam! Aku Puasa 24 Jam! – GTA 5 “Ramadan Special” (Bahasa Malaysia)
  5. Mayat Lari Daripada Van Jenazah! – GTA 5 “Ramadan Special” (Bahasa Malaysia)

Lastly, searches for “resepi berbuka puasa” on YouTube  have increased by 1,350% compared to the last 12 months. Some of the more popular videos include:

  1. Menu berbuka buat Tau Fu Fa dari air soya kotak
  2. Resepi Kuih Bingka Pandan Paling Mudah dan Dijamin Menjadi | Menu Berbuka Puasa
  3. Seminit Resepi: Roti Jala Rose
  4. Resepi Roti John | Tiada Bazar ramadhan 2020 | Duduk di rumah
  5. Nasi Tomato Ayam Masak Merah | Resepi Mudah Buka Puasa | Destinasi TV

Hopefully this tips will help Muslims around the world and Malaysian Muslims to celebrate the Ramadan while staying at home. So stay safe, healthy, and blessed Ramadan.

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