Fuel the Fight London aims to support frontliner combating COVID-19

If you are living in London or perhaps fall in love with the city, you should start donating to Fuel the Fight London. Fuel the Fight London is currently supporting hospitality industry and feeding NHS workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have raised a total of $615,440 collectively across London and the US to date.

Your contribution will help support and feed doctors, nurses, receptionists, cleaners, ambulance drivers and individuals who are risking their lives to combat the pandemic. Even local neighbourhood restaurants will benefit as FFuel the Fight London will purchase foods from them.

Working as a broker between the restaurants and hospitals, Fuel the Fight uses every penny raised to buy meals at full retail price from restaurants, putting cash directly back into the hospitality industry, suffering devastating effects. The meals are delivered to London based hospitals to feed those working tirelessly in the battle against the virus. The team have so far delivered a total of 165 meals to the likes of, Royal Hospital London, St Thomas’ Hospital, St. Charles Hospital, Homerton Hospital and St. Bartholomew’s Hospital.

Those currently involved in the initiative since launching on Monday include Jackson Boxer, of Orasay and Brunswick House, Oren, BAO, LINO, Eggslut and Arabica.

How does the donation work:

  • Donations are made via the gofundme link
  • 100% of proceeds are used to buy meals from partnered restaurants to feed the NHS
  • Restaurants will be notified in advance of meals to be prepared and paid on day of delivery
  • Restaurants can provide an amount of meals that works for them: usually 20 – 45 portions, priced at around £10 per person 

So let’s join forces and head over to https://www.gofundme.com/f/fuel-the-fight-london to start donating.

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