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FORESEE SPI NAND from Longsys, Featuring High Efficiency and Outstanding Stability, Fully Supports Smart Home Development

SHENZHEN, China, March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In 2021, FORESEE brand from Longsys launched FORESEE SPI NAND in global. It is mainly utilized in smart home applications (such as AI speakers and smart access control) and other electronic fields. Like other micro storage products, FORESEE SPI NAND has received AVL approval for more than 100 master-control models from 25 master platforms. The NAND Flash product has been fully tested with over 80 sub-tests and has been both widely accepted and well received by customers. In terms of practical use, FORESEE SPI NAND features outstanding stability and superb performance.

Take, for example, the smart home applications of FORESEE SPI NAND. Thousands of homes have been turned into smart homes. Various smart products such as smart access control, speakers, panels, and air conditioners are favored by consumers. When a smart home product is in operation, memory devices collect sensor data and transmit that data to control elements. These devices play a key role in the stable and smooth operation of such products.

Under these situations, FORESEE SPI NAND is most definitely a new choice for smart home memory devices. FORESEE SPI NAND’s WSON-8 package takes up less space and can therefore be used in a greater amount of smaller smart products. It also supports OTP and provides customers with greater security data storage capacity. In addition, this product is equipped with ECC (error correction code) to ensure efficient data transmission and data security.

With operating temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as 85°C, FORESEE SPI NAND meets the temperature requirements for industrial-grade products. It is available in capacities ranging from 1 to 4Gbit, which satisfies different customer capacity needs and results in it being widely used.

In addition to extensive applications in the smart home field such as smart access control, smart hardware, and AI speakers, FORESEE SPI NAND is also widely used in many other fields such as routers, PONs, and IPCs.

As one of the FORESEE micro storage products, FORESEE SPI NAND is the embodiment of FORESEE’s superior quality control and assurance, and can provide stable and high-quality service to global customers. It is for these reasons that FORESEE SPI NAND has been well received by customers all around the world. FORESEE will also continue to increase its R&D efforts to provide more high-quality products to customers worldwide.

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