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BBC First premiering Vicky Zhao’s Hear Her in Malaysia on 8th March 2021

Vicky Zhao’s Hear Her will be premiering on BBC First in Malaysia starting from 8th March, in conjunction for International Women’s Day. The series is a compelling series of standalone monologues about issues facing women today, with 8 x 30 minute episodes featuring 8 talented Chinese actresses.

This series raises awareness of issues women face across all of society, to help support all women. Hear Her received critical acclaim and extensive social media discussion when it broadcast in mainland China last November.

“To some extent, monologue dramas don’t represent a highly commercial form of acting. These programmes aim to resonate with the heart of the audience to raise awareness of the challenging issues facing women.” said Vicky Zhao.

The award-winning skills of the actresses selected to play each role helped to truly portray the character’s inner feelings to strike an emotional chord with the audience. Differing from conventional monologues, the series achieves movie-like production quality, representing another breakthrough in China’s film and television industry.

The production team of Hear Her gathers together a range of experienced, award-winning colleagues from across China’s film industry. For example, the Director of Photography for the episode “Reshape”, Li Yaohui, has filmed a number of famous movies including Happy Together, and Infernal Affairs and so on, winning the best cinematography title at the Hong Kong Film Awards three times. In addition, the series has welcomed photography director Ke Yuming (Bad Guys Always Die), Golden Horse Awards best makeup and costume design winner Hao Yi (The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman, No Man’s Land), art director Li Yanwei (Youth, If You Are the One) and Golden Horse Awards best sound effects winner Wen Bo (Red Cliff, Let the Bullets Fly). Additionally, famous directors including Li Shaohong (Palace of Desire, A City Called Macau), Lu Le (Lost, Found), Yin Lichuan (Sleepless Fashion) have also worked on the series to help powerfully present the social issues facing women to the audience.

Topics such as #Do you have appearance anxiety, the #Impact of native family lifestyles on their children, #The negativity of patriarchal thoughts and #Are you a people pleaser became the most dominant conversation topics on social media over a 13-day period following the broadcast of the series.

Hear Her attracted 15 billion ‘reads’ of all Hear Her related topics across all online platforms in China during the promotional period and a discussion volume of 10.67 million. Conversations relating to the series ranked among the TOP3 Weibo hot topics on a weekly basis, while the series also produced 173 hot searches online, 79 of which became Weibo trending topics with 23 of these within the TOP10.

Obtaining 8.4 points out of 10 on the popular review aggregator Douban, Hear Her ranked among the top programmes for word-of-mouth dramas for seven consecutive weeks, becoming the first variety show to feature on the highly-rated drama list in China. Each week, when the programme was broadcast, each episode featured as a trending topic on domestic and foreign social media.

Hear Her has attracted a plethora of positive reviews from TV critics. China Daily published two articles about the series, highlighting the value of each program in the newspaper’s overseas edition.  The newspaper said that the values and ideas reflected in the project will resonate with audiences around the world, to help further the progress of women not just in China, but across the globe.

Hear Her is co-produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures and Dream View, and based on a BBC Studios format. The series launches on 8 March and is available on BBC First and BBC Player.  Check the table below for schedule of the episode airing date:

8 March: Episode 1: Magic Mirror, Episode 2: Wish For Love
15 March: Episode 3: Sleepless, Episode 4: Reshape
22 March: Episode 5: Her Legend, Episode 6: Her Life Schedule
29 March: Episode 7: Her and Her Room, Episode 8: The Flawless Girl

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