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Finally you watch Astro without a satellite dish at your home in Malaysia with the latest Ultra Plug & Play Box!

Astro has finally launched their latest Ultra Plug & Play Box, where Malaysians no longer required to use a satellite dish setup to enjoy international and local content. 

The Ultra Plug & Play Box is a self-install device and Malaysians can enjoy the Ultra Box features of Cloud Recording, Play from Start by simply connecting the box to the TV and internet to start enjoying popular shows immediately. Installation is pretty straight-forward as there are simple steps in the installation guide video which comes with the together with the box, as per claimed by Astro reps.

The new box and the Astro SIM Card will be couriered to customers and each component is packaged with an easy step-by-step instruction guide for installation and activation of the service. In the meantime, while waiting for the Ultra Plug & Play Box to be delivered to their homes, customers can already activate their subscription on the Astro GO app and enjoy all their entitlement with the Astro GO pre-access service.

The Ultra Plug & Play Box will be offered along with Astro & Broadband bundles for savings and the convenience of an all-in-one bill. New Astro customers can sign up for Super Pack Lite and 100 Mbps internet speed and enjoy rebates up to RM45 per month, while current Super Pack Lite customers can add on 100Mbps broadband at only RM89/month. The activation for the Ultra Plug & Play Box is free for all Broadband customers subscribed to any packs. 

As for now, the Ultra Plug & Play Box will allow users to enjoy 4K UHD viewing, stream up to 65,000 videos on demand with Cloud Recording, the Play from Start feature, and enjoy the same live TV channels but now available through broadband connection.

The activation for the Ultra Plug & Play Box is also available for FREE for existing customers with a monthly subscription of over RM100. 

Please refer to the table below for pricing information:

Ultra Plug & Play Box Activation FeeExisting CustomerNew Customer
Monthly Pack Subscription Fee ≥ RM100FREERM39
Monthly Pack Subscription Fee < RM100RM49RM59

Customers can sign-up for the Ultra Plug & Play Box at https://product.astro.com.my/tv or WhatsApp Astro at 03 9543 3838 and type GET PNP  

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