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EyeRide helps motorcycle riders by displaying maps, calls & songs with HUD in your helmet

As modern technology advancing rapidly, we are always staying connected through our smartphone. However, when you’re riding a motorcycle or scooter today, chances are you required a smartphone holder to stay connected. What if there is a product today that could offer you to stay connected without the smartphone while riding a motorcycle? Then, meet EyeRide, the latest HUD (head-up display) innovation by EyeLights for motorcycle riders.

EyeRide is a new generation HUD that simplifies your rides by displaying your maps, calls & songs in your helmet using the latest colorful, bright and smallest OLED Sony Technology. Best of all, the company has claimed it will work with most helmet available in the market.

In order to use EyeRide, simply connect it to your smartphone using Bluetooth to display your apps like Maps (Apple, Google or Waze), Music (Apple, Spotify, etc.), calls and more, in front of you.

The product will be expected to be showcase in the upcoming CES 2021. Stay tune for more information during the CES 2021 week!

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