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Experience it: Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (8GB RAM)

As you may know Xiaomi has released multiple mid range smartphone and I managed to get a review unit of the Redmi Note 10 Pro. The device in Malaysia was high demand and quickly sold out. The device has been deemed as one of the best mid range budget smartphone you can get right now. So how true is it? I would say it is ‘almost’ one of the best mid range budget smartphone and here’s why. Also do remember to watch the video review as well!


We are heading to the design of phone first. Let’s start with the back of the Note 10 pro, the glass back finish which uses Corning Gorilla Glass 5 exudes a premium feel thanks to the gloss effect on the Onyx Gray Colour. However, I found the glass back is very slippery so beware when putting the phone on the corner edge. It can slip through like a boss. The new camera bump is clean and the 108MP main camera has a chrome finish. One thing though, I don’t understand why there is an “ULTRA” wording on the camera bump. Be my guest to answer it at the comments.

The right side of the phone positioned the volume button and power button which acts as a finger print scanner too. the sim card tray is located on the left. On top of the phone, it has the 3.5mm audio jack, top firing speaker and IR blaster while on the bottom, it has USB Type-C port and bottom firing speaker. The 6.67 inch display is covered by the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and has punch hole front camera with chrome ring. I don’t really like front camera with chrome ring design but that is up to each individual taste. Overall, the phone has a premium look design is looking premium and solid to hold.


Heading to performance next, this guy here is powered by the Snapdragon 732G with 8GB RAM. This chip is still one of the best mid-range chip so you can still do your daily task and gaming without any ease. You can even play most mobile game titles without ease but don’t expect to maxed out the settings. Playing game titles like Genshin Impact and Call of Duty Mobile is smooth and you rarely feel micro stutters. The device is running MIUI 12 with Android 11 which feels good for casual users. Though, I don’t really like the ads popping on MIUI and you need some time to turn it off completely. I would highly recommend to always update to the latest software for optimum performance for the device.


On the battery, Redmi Note 10 Pro has a 5020mAh battery which is sufficient to last the whole day depending on each individual usage. If you’re a light user, do expect to last 1.5 days. When the battery is depleted, you can rely on the in-box 33W fast charging adapter to get back to 100% level within an hour.

Display and Audio

Over to to the display now, the 6.67 inches display uses an AMOLED panel. The AMOLED panel can output good quality viewing experience for binge watching videos and gaming. You can do some settings to the display but I found the “Standard” looks perfect. Because it has 120hz fast refresh rate, scrolling on the device is smooth. The panel is HDR10 certified so you can stream HDR contents and the max brightness peaked at 1200 nits is good for indoor and outdoor usage.

On the audio, you will appreciate the top and bottom firing stereo speakers as the volume is quite loud. Although it lacking bass on the stereo speakers, it still does pretty good job for casual audio experience.

Cameras – Photography

Moving to the next category on the phone is the cameras. It has a 108MP main camera, 8MP ultrawide camera, 5MP macro camera and 2MP depth sensor. The front camera uses a 16 MP camera for selfies.

Let’s start with photography first. The 108MP definitely can shoot amazing photos with bokeh effect during broad daylight and low light conditions. But the main cam has some random focusing issue whereby sometime it requires to tap on the screen to refocus on the subject. I think this can be fixed with a software update so hopefully Xiaomi can adressed it.

The ultrawide angle camera can capture great photos in broad daylight but not so during low light condition so bring a lighting device to light up the area.

The macro camera is fun to use to capture upclose subjects. Photo quality on the macro camera is good and usable for sharing on social media.

The front camera takes good selfie in broad daylight however, in low light conditions it is grainy and a little bit soft. I recommend to use the flash or night mode to improve the picture quality.

For Night mode, it is available for the main camera and front camera only. The photos taken in Night Mode is ok but don’t expect wonders as you will still need the flash or lighting device if you’re into mobile photography.

Cameras (Videography) – Good main cam 4K videos but no stabilization

As for the video, the main camera can shoot up to 4K 30fps but you’re losing out Electronic Image stabilization (EIS) at 4K format. EIS will only kick in 1080p 30fps which is quite a shame as the device can shoot a decent 4K video in broad daylight and lowlight. The ultrawide angle camera only maxed out at 1080 30fps which does a decent job in broad daylight videos but not for low light conditions so bring a lighting equipment or device to assist.

Surprisingly, the macro camera can shoot up to 1080p 30fps videos too and the result is quite good. During lowlight conditions for macro camera video recording, just turned on the flash and be amazed with the footage. The front camera can shoot up to 1080p 30fps but it has cropped in so you need hold the phone at distance. The front camera video are okay though low light conditions it will suffer noise and soft details. There are other video modes like Dual Video and Clone but I would say those features are only good for content creators only.

The verdict – Feels and look premium but some areas were cut to achieve the affordable price

So we are going to wrapped up the video by giving a verdict on the Redmi Note 10 Pro. The device in Malaysia is priced at RM 1099 and has premium design with solid build quality, good camera, excellent battery life, and amazing display and audio. But some features needed to be cut in order to achieve their selling price and it’s apparent on the camera, audio and MIUI’s ads. I would give a solid 7 out of 10 on the Redmi Note 10 Pro given that it is really a value for money mid range smartphone. I would recommend the device for users who loves casual photography, gaming and entertainment. You can get the device at authorised Xiaomi dealers, partners and e-stores.

Special thanks to Xiaomi Malaysia for loaning the device for content purpose. However, this is not a paid review content and there is no input or final approval is needed from Xiaomi. All the comments on the Redmi Note 10 Pro is solely based on 2 weeks usage. The review may varied upon on different software updates.

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